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Consider numbers represented in 4-bit gray code. Let h3h2h1h0 be the gray code representation of a number n and let g3g2g1g0 be the gray code… Read More
We consider the addition of two 2’s complement numbers bn-1bn-2…b0 and an-1an-2…a0. A binary adder for adding unsigned binary numbers is used to add the… Read More
Consider a Boolean function f (w, x, y, z). suppose that exactly one of its inputs is allowed to change at a time. If the… Read More
Consider the circuit in the diagram. The ⊕ operator represents Ex-OR. The D flipflops are initialized to zeroes (cleared). The following data: 100110000 is supplied… Read More
Given two three bit numbers a2a1a0 and b2b1b0 and c, the carry in, the function that represents the carry generate function when these two numbers… Read More
Consider the circuit above. Which one of the following options correctly represents f (x, y, z)? (A) xz’ + xy + y’z (B) xz’ +… Read More
Consider the regular language L = (111 + 11111)*. The minimum number of states in any DFA accepting this languages is: (A) 3 (B) 5… Read More
Let L1 be a regular language, L2 be a deterministic context-free language and L3 a recursively enumerable, but not recursive, language. Which one of the… Read More
Consider the following statements about the context free grammar G = {S → SS, S → ab, S → ba, S → Ε} I. G… Read More
Let SHAM3 be the problem of finding a Hamiltonian cycle in a graph G = (V,E) with V divisible by 3 and DHAM3 be the… Read More
For S ∈ (0 + 1) * let d(s) denote the decimal value of s (e.g. d(101) = 5). Let L = {s ∈ (0… Read More
If s is a string over (0 + 1)* then let n0(s) denote the number of 0’s in s and n1(s) the number of 1’s… Read More
A logical binary relation □ ,is defined as follows:   Let ~ be the unary negation (NOT) operator, with higher precedence than □.  Which one of… Read More
Consider the following propositional statements: P1 : ((A ∧ B) → C)) ≡ ((A → C) ∧ (B → C)) P2 : ((A ∨ B)… Read More
Which one of the first order predicate calculus statements given below correctly express the following English statement?   Tigers and lions attack if they are hungry or… Read More

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