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Company: Envestnet Yodlee Profile: Senior Software Engineer Location: Bangalore Eligibility Criteria: CS(M.Tech + B.Tech) && 70% cutoff                … Read More
Company: Envestnet Yodlee Profile: Senior Software Engineer Location: Bangalore Eligibility Criteria: IT and CSE(B.E + M.E) Round 1:  Online round comprises 4 sections: Aptitude (Quantitative & Logical… Read More
Company: Envestnet Yodlee Profile Software Engineer Eligibility Criteria: 7+ CGPA and only CSE students were allowed All Rounds 17/07/2017 (Pool Campus at NIT Agartala) NITs… Read More
It was a joint campus drive of all North East NITs. Round 1: It was on online objective test consisting of 4 sections: Aptitude, Technical… Read More