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Tableau – Split the text to columns

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When you are working on a well defined structured data, it divides information into discrete units. For example, if you have an employee name in your data you should split it into first name, middle name and last name columns if possible. If you need to work with data that combines multiple values into a single column you can try to split the text into multiple columns to make it easier to work with. This article aims to show how to split a text to multiple columns. Steps to perform:
  • In the Tableau, connect to the databases.
  • Let’s connect to a data as I have shown in the image given below. That’s a Product data named as Name_data
  • Increase the size of the Product Combined column, you can see that you have two different values. The first is the name of a product, such as a Large Towel and then a colon(:), and then housekeeping. Housekeeping is actually the category that the product comes within. So we have towels for housekeeping, both large and hand towels and so on. Now we want to split this Product Combined column into two columns.
  • By hovering my mouse pointer over the Product Combined header, you click the down arrow that appears at the top right corner and there you have a split option.
  • When you will click the split option, Tableau splits the data based on the colon that you have in the middle, so it recognized it as a separator and now you have Product Combined and then Product Combined split 1 and Product Combined split 2.
  • You can also rename these columns.
  • So, finally your data is ready and you can easily get the visualisation of this data.

  • Last Updated : 03 Jul, 2020
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