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Synopsys Interview Experience | Set 7 (4+ experienced)

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Round 1:
  • Stack frame how does it look it.
  • How does printf work?
  • Friend function
  • Single class deletion operation.
  • storage class in c++ i.e. local global static
  • Process stack uninitialized data segment heap and stack
  • Operator overloading for multiplication.
  • Virtual function definition.
  • Function pointer and how function pointer for class member function.
  • Funcion overloading and name mangling concept.
  • Linked list delete a node by index implementation.
  • College project with hit-a-hint feature how do you append link number to images.
  • How does energy gets calculated of design?
  • strcat function implementation
Round 2:
  • Find longest path in dag.
  • how do we store graph.
  • how do we check for valid input that means no cycle in given graph.
  • How to reuse thread
  • Conditional variable for threads
  • Virtual memory concept.
  • Cache concept.
  • 50 over match calculate the maximum score of batsman. (49 * 31 + 36) can be improved if run in last ball of every over are odd and > 1.
  • Divide a number by 8 without using division operator
Round 3:
  • Divide square in 7 parts. Divide horizontally.
  • 20 heads and 80 tail you are blind divide equal heads between two people, you can flip coin.
  • Detect cycle in linked list.
  • Check for odd number using bitwise operator n&1
  • Check multiple of 4 using bitwise &0x4
  • Check and set nth bit n & 1<<n
  • Little endian and big endian

Last Updated : 26 Oct, 2017
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