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Surya Software Systems Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 01 Oct, 2020
Geek Week

Surya Software Systems visited our campus in September 2020 

Round 1(Online Test): This was very easy it consists of 15 aptitude 25mins questions and 3 coding questions 1.5hours 

Coding questions will be of basic level with some basic knowledge of arrays and loops one can easily solve all the coding questions. The real difficulty is in the next levels 

Immediate next day we had a technical interview on Google meet as it was virtual this time 

Round 2(Technical INterview): This company usually prefers candidates from CSE branch, and I was from ECE and didn’t have any coding project on my resume so the interviewer was not impressed with that.

I was asked to write code for 

  1. Sorting only even numbers in an array without changing the positions of odd numbers 
  2. Code for printing a star pattern 

Both the codes were slightly difficult for me. So crack Surya software systems only thing needed is to be good at coding, nothing else really matters for this company. And further you will also be asked some puzzles going through puzzles in the GeeksforGeeks puzzles section will help.

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