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stty command in Linux with Examples
  • Last Updated : 18 Feb, 2021
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stty command in Linux is used to change and print terminal line settings. Basically, this command shows or changes terminal characteristics.


stty [-F DEVICE | --file=DEVICE] [SETTING]...
stty [-F DEVICE | --file=DEVICE] [-a|--all]
stty [-F DEVICE | --file=DEVICE] [-g|--save]

Example: It will display the characteristics of the terminal.


  • stty –all: This option print all current settings in human-readable form.
    stty --all

  • stty -g: This option will print all current settings in a stty-readable form.
    stty -g

  • stty -F : This option will open and use the specified DEVICE instead of stdin.


    stty -F D/
  • stty –help : This option will display this help and exit.
    stty --help

  • stty –version: This option will show the version information and exit.
    stty --version

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