Storage Management

Storage Management is defined as it refers to the management of the data storage equipment’s that are used to store the user/computer generated data. Hence it is a tool or set of processes used by an administrator to keep your data and storage equipment’s safe.

Storage management is a process for users to optimize the use of storage devices and to protect the integrity of data for any media on which it resides and the category of storage management generally contain the different type of subcategories covering aspects such as security, virtualization and more, as well as different types of provisioning or automation, which is generally made up the entire storage management software market.

Storage management key attributes:
Storage management has some key attribute which is generally used to manage the storage capacity of the system. These are given below:

1. Performance
2. Reliability
3. Recoverability
4. Capacity 

Feature of Storage management:
There is some feature of storage management which is provided for storage capacity. These are given below:

  1. Storage management is a process that is used to optimize the use of storage devices.
  2. Storage management must be allocated and managed as a resource in order to truly benefit a corporation.
  3. Storage management is generally a basic system component of information systems.
  4. It is used to improve the performance of their data storage resources.

Advantage of storage management:
There are some advantage of storage management which are given below:

  • It is very simple to managed a storage capacity.
  • It is generally take a less time.
  • It is improve the performance of system.
  • In virtualization and automation technologies can help an organization improve its agility.
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