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Solidity Tutorial

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Solidity tutorial is designed for those who want to learn Solidity programming language and for experienced Solidity developers looking to gain a deeper understanding of the language. Solidity programming language is a high-level programming language for writing smart contracts for the Ethereum Virtual Machine. It is influenced by high-level languages such as C++, Python, and JavaScript.


The following solidity tutorial explains the basic and advanced concepts of Solidity programming language and provides a firm foundation in the language that will enable you to begin developing your own projects and expanding on your knowledge. So let’s deep dive into the important topics of Solidity language.

Solidity Basics

 Data Types in Solidity

  • Solidity Data Types
  • Integers in Solidity
  • Fixed Point Numbers in Solidity
  • Address in Solidity
  • Bytes in Solidity

Variable in Solidity

  • Solidity Variables
  • State Variables in Solidity
  • Local Variable in Solidity
  • Global Variables in Solidity
  • Variable Scope in Solidity

Operators in Solidity

  • Solidity Operators
  • Arithmetic Operators in Solidity
  • Comparison Operators in Solidity
  • Logical  Operators in Solidity
  • Assignment Operators in Solidity
  • Ternary Operators in Solidity

Control Flow in Solidity

Solidity Functions

Reference & Mapping Types in Solidity

Type Conversions in Solidity

  • Type conversion 
  • Implicit Conversions
  • Explicit Conversions

Solidity Special Variables

Solidity Advanced Concepts



In the Solidity Tutorial article, we have provided an introduction to Solidity and various resources associated with it. It covers concepts like operators, control flow, data types, variables, etc. After completing this tutorial, you will have the necessary knowledge to write your own Solidity programs and be able to become a skilled Solidity developer!

FAQs on Solidity

1. Is Solidity programming language easy to learn?

Solidity is a programming language designed to support the development of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. It has a simple syntax, similar to that of Java, C++, and Python 2+, making it easy to learn and powerful enough to create complex applications. Solidity allows developers to create decentralized apps (DApps) and establish trust between two parties through its transactions and agreements.

2. What is Solidity used for?

Solidity is a programming language developed by the Ethereum Network team with an emphasis on creating and designing smart contracts that are deployed on blockchain networks. It provides object-oriented features that allow developers to specify business logic, triggering transactions and other operations within the blockchain. This language is key for setting up smart contracts as well as generating secure transaction records.

3. How many days it will take to learn Solidity?

Learning Solidity, one of the most important coding languages used in the blockchain industry, might take as little as 1-6 months for experienced programmers. Less experienced coders or those without any experience in programming will likely require longer to become proficient. Luckily, opportunities like Crypto Zombies and other online courses provide beginner tutorials for free to help people understand the fundamentals behind Solidity.

4. Is Solidity easier than rust?

Solidity is a programming language specifically designed for the development of decentralized applications deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. It was created as an easier alternative to Rust, providing developers with a simpler and more straightforward syntax than Rust. While Rust is more complicated and requires deeper knowledge of programming principles, Solidity can be quickly learned by developers with basic coding skills.


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Last Updated : 16 Apr, 2023
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