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Societe Generale Global Solution Interview Experience | Set 1

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1st Round: Aptitude
25 General aptitude and 25 technical questions, 75 mins.
Tips- Manage time efficiently, don’t even try something new during the test 😛

2nd Round: Group Discussion
Topic: Start-Ups are a boon or a bane – made to speak against start-ups. My points – a well-established company gives you job security. Not all start-ups make it big. There are many start-ups built from the same idea, nothing new so success probability itself is low.
2nd Topic: Robotics in Banking- first made to talk against the topic then reversed it and made to speak for the topic.
GD took about 30 mins.
Tips- Make eye contact with everyone in the group, it makes you look more confident. Try to be polite, don’t get too excited at any point. Be a good listener. Help your group mates, especially the members who are finding it hard to talk.

3rd Round: Technical Interview

  • Program to reverse a string.
  • Made to write an SQL query .
  • Difference between C/C++, C++/Java.
    Questions on anything on the resume. I had mentioned I learned the basics of CSS, so was asked about CSS, I told him what I knew and added that I only learned the basics and if I were doing a project which needed it I’d learn more. Similarly, was questioned on HTML. Then the interviewer asked if I knew XML. Questions based on the workshops attended. Then asked me what domain I like programming in, I said I like development and I don’t like system programming. Then on projects. What I know about SG.
    Overall, the technical interview was damn chill, only basic questions were asked.

4th Round: HR Interview
Tell me about yourself. Questions on your resume. Question on artificial intelligence. Because I mentioned that I like math, he asked me what the mathematical method to find the shortest path between nodes is. I tried to use brute force and explain it, wasn’t satisfied. Then I used Bellman Ford, that was also not satisfactory. I got a little tensed now, but the lady HR was like ,” Its okay J”. Why I would like to work in SG.

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Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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