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Societe Generale Virtual Recruitment Process For Software Engineer

Last Updated : 26 Dec, 2022
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Round 1

This round took place on HirePro. And the round consisted of technical MCQ’s and 3 coding questions. The coding questions were: 

1. An array arr[] and a number x were given. We had to count the number of elements in arr[] that were co-prime with x (basically with gcd=1).

2. Two matrices were given and we had to find the absolute difference of their primary diagonals. If the matrices were not square matrices then pad with extra 1’s to make them one.

3. Two numbers x and y were given. We had to find the smallest number with the number x as a prefix that was divisible by y.

Try to do maximum coding questions. I could solve 2 of them.

Out of 205, 21 were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2 (Technical Round)

The interview started with ‘Tell me about yourself’. The interviewer told me the sequence in which she’ll be asking me questions-python, AI, ML, and IoT. I told her that I was not well versed in python. She then jumped to the basics of OOPs like if we can have multiple inheritance in C++ then why not in JAVA. She then gave me 3 problems to code. 1. Factorial using recursion and its time complexity 2. Fibonacci series without recursion 3. Tower of Hanoi. She asked me to write an algorithm of how an elevator works. She came back to my projects then. A few of the questions were explaining the difference between ML and AI, what is Supervised/Unsupervised learning, smart city concept(in regards to IoT). There were a few questions on my online certifications and why I choose to do them. Then there were a few questions on normalization and joins. The interview lasted for 45 mins and ended with if I had any questions for the interviewer.

Round 3 (Managerial Round)

I was a little nervous before this round as I had never attended a managerial round before. And also because I could not connect to skype on time. This round too started with ‘tell me about yourself’. He mostly asked my questions based on my projects. It then turned out to be a discussion then. He came to my online certifications and asked a few questions on them. He asked if I had any idea about finance and banking (be honest as they will not judge you on the basis of your answer). He had a few questions on my future aspirations/goals, where I saw myself in the next 10 years, and those typical managerial questions. And this round too lasted for about 45 mins – an hour and he asked if I had any questions for him.

Round 4 (HR Round)

This round was quite chill. I had to introduce myself first, followed by my family background and my hobbies. I was asked about SocGen(attend their pre-placement talk carefully and you’ll have all the answers). Few questions asked were: Why they should hire me? If I had any constraints on the working hours? Job location preference. This round ended in 15-20 mins.

I was asked to introduce myself in all three rounds but in three different ways. Basically I molded the same introduction in three different ways according to the interviewer’s requirement. Be thorough with whatever you have written in your resume and be confident (it’s a must). Even if you’re nervous, do not let the interviewer know about it. Wear a smile always and you’re good to go.


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