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Siemens Interview Experience for Graduate Trainee Engineer (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 06 Oct, 2021
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Siemens visited our college on the 20th of September 2021. On the first day, we had a PPT where we were briefed about the company and the process of hiring. An online MCQ round was conducted on the next day (21st September) and on the 23rd of September, there were 2 technical and 1 HR round.

Round 1: Online Test

  • There were around 31 MCQ for 1hr. Based on aptitude, logical, cs fundamental, and c++ and java code snippets

After the first round, 50 students were got selected out of around 200 registered students.

Round 2: Technical Round 1

Time: 45 mins

  • Introduce yourself – My projects were mostly in AI and DIP, interviewers didn’t ask much about them.
  • They shifted to Data structures – asked me to explain all the data structures and implement any data structure of my choice. Some questions on the implementation. Asked about some real-life applications where data structures can be used especially in electronics as it’s my branch.
  • They then shifted to logic gates and asked some questions on that, some questions on bits and some on networking
  • Puzzles: There are 20 red socks, 10 blue ones, 5 orange and 2 green and had to pick a certain amount of colour. They asked for 2-3 different scenarios of picking different colors.
  • An employer pays his employee 1 unit per day with a gold rod and the rod can be cut only twice in 7 days. How does he pay every day?
  • A triangle on which there are 3 ants at each vertex and can travel clockwise or anti-clockwise. Different scenarios of finding probabilities for this puzzle-like what’s the probabilities that the ants will never meet, etc
  • Some questions on bits and number systems their conversion, etc

Both the interviewers were nice and provided hints wherever required. After this round, around 13-14 students got selected for the next round.

Round 3: Technical Round 2 – 1 hour

  • Introduce yourself: Here I was asked questions on AI and DIP related to my projects I don’t remember the questions but needed proper conceptual knowledge. He also tried to confuse me a lot here to check if I stick to my answers.
  • Why software if you’re from EnTC?
  • Questions on C++ and OOPs
  • Then he asked me to open notepad and write algorithms for:
  • You’re given 3 digits 4 at units place, 2 at tens and 1 at hundreds write an algorithm to form a number and print it.
  • In an excel sheet, the column index of a is 1 and that goes on till the column index of z is 26. Now, aa is 27 ab is 28, and so on. I had to find out the column index of abd and dba
  • iii. If there are n point having (Xn, Yn) coordinates and I had to write an algorithm to find out whether they’re collinear. He asked me to dry run all of them with some test cases
  • 5) Some other basic questions and asked if I had any for him

After the 2nd technical round, 6 students were shortlisted for the HR round and all, including me, were offered the job.

Round 4: HR round

Time: round 15 minutes

  • Introduce yourself
  • Explain the recent project that you’ve done
  • 3 weaknesses
  • Some other basic HR questions


  • Try to stay calm and be confident while answering each and every question.
  • Interviewers understand your nervousness and do help you reach the final answer. They just check how well you implement your knowledge.

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