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Siemens Healthineers Interview Experience (On Campus)

Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2019
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Siemens Healthineers visited our campus to offer internship and full time role for the post Graduate Engineer Trainee on 21st August 2019.

Round 1: This round was online test on Hackkerrank platform. There were 45 MCQs based on various concepts including OOPs, Data Structures, Java, C# and very few questions on Quants and verbal. These questions were to be done in 75 minutes. Out of 800 students, 61 qualified for next round.

Round 2: The next round was Technical Interview. For me, this round lasted for one hour. The questions asked were:

  1. Describe Linear Search and Binary search and write pseudo code.
  2. Difference between Recursive and Iterative functions, which is used in which situation?
  3. Tell me about Dynamic Programming.
  4. What is generalization and association?
  5. Write a pseudo-code relating Shapes, Rectangle and Circle and find area of the figures. Use constructor, copy constructor and destructor and concept of inheritance.
  6. Difference between static and virtual function.
  7. What is pure virtual function.
  8. Whether a function gives error if we use static keyword in front of a function.
  9. Write a pseudo-code to find sum of squares of odd numbers.
  10. What is ADT?
  11. What is OS? Describe different process models.
  12. Tell about semaphores.
  13. Describe about hash.
  14. In a 2-D array of characters, find your name which is given in form of characters(use hashmap).

From this round 17 qualified for managerial round.

This round is a mix of both HR and Technical.This round lasted for 45 minutes. You can mostly expect few puzzle questions. Few questions I was asked:

  1. Tell me about your project.(My projects were based on AI/ML and Data Science, described in details).
  2. Your biggest strength.
  3. Your journey of self discovery in college.
  4. Biggest decision you had to take.
  5. Your approach towards a given task.
  6. Optimize Fibonacci(Use dynamic programming)
  7. Print a given 2D-matrix in spiral.

Round 3: Hereon, 15 students qualified for HR. This was the easiest and lasted for 15 minutes.

Few questions I was asked:

  1. Tell me about your family background.
  2. Tell me about your college-life.
  3. Why did you come so far to study?
  4. Do you any questions for us? (I asked about the technologies we will be working on and the technologies they are working on, and a bit about work environment)


10 students were made the offer, off which I was one of them.

Bonus points:

  1. Be confident, keep an amicable smile throughout.
  2. Be honest.
  3. Be fluent with your resume.
  4. Practice as much as possible, quizzes and reading interview experiences for various companies made me more confident.


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