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ServiceNow Interview Experience for ASE | On-Campus

Last Updated : 21 Sep, 2021
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Round 1(Qualifying Round): It was the test conducted on the HackerRank platform where there were 15 MCQS and 1 Coding Question

Round 2(Techincal Round 1 – 65 Minutes): In this round; The Interviewer asked me to give a quick intro of myself; Then He asked about the project what I mentioned during the Intro; So I explained and we had a discussion on the project. (That project was related to some cloud and did not include web technologies).  

  • Then He jumped to a coding question. So, he framed a question in such a way that the terms would look like the project terms but at last, we need to build the logic for the question. The question in final terms was
  • I have an array [1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0] I need to find the first occurrence of 0. The logic should be built using the binary search.
  • Then he asked me whether I have done any projects using React, Angular, and in the resume, in the skills, I had included React. So he asked me “Where did you implement or use it?”. So I explained to him the project that I had done using Web Technologies. So He was posing some questions on React and its components and why React?
  • Then He jumped to another coding question
  • Given str a=”bfhebfhsbfsfbshfbsfnmsbfhnsdfhuehfjnfb”, str b=”bns”. Find the shortest occurrence of b in a which should be of minimum length. You can use the concept of Shortest Common Supersequence
  • He asked me to write the DP matrix what I get and the logic but not the code part for this question
  • It was about an hour. Then he asked me whether I had any questions. I had asked few questions.

Round 3(Technical Round 2 – 50 Minutes): It was a kind of complete Coding Interview Round for me

  • The Questions was Multiply two numbers using recursion without using ‘*’ and ‘/’ operator;
  • So I explained to her the brute force approach which will be O(N)
  • I was bad at recursion so it took me some time to write the code(Because the first logic that I wrote was wrong logic So It took time for me to correct the logic and come back to the problem).
  • The code should be user-readable and understand and the variables declaration should be standard and also Solving the edge cases and optimizing the code were the main criteria. So We can have The complexity of O(log(smaller_no_between_two)).
  • Then she asked me whether I had any questions; I had asked few questions.

Round 4(HM Interview – 40 Minutes): In this round, the Interviewer had gone through my resume and asked some questions about it. Then he asked me about the internship that I have mentioned. And the project and what is my role in the Internship and what are the technologies that I have used in my internship.  

  • Then after explaining he asked me whether I had done any projects during my college So I have mentioned the web project that was there in the resume.
  • He asked me whether there are any screenshots. So I just opened my mini project report where we captured every event happening in the project(I have kept it ready for accessing before the call itself so as to save time) So I was explained the whole project using these screenshots and told what are the outcomes and future scope and also talked about the Tech stack and Also talked about flaws and how we rectified.
  • Then he asked why only these stack Why did I choose React, Mongo DB; So I was completely prepared for this question and I told him clearly why I had chosen those.  And he asked me how were you able to choose these. I have answered like I had my seniors suggestions and other people from my network for the stack-related queries and told him that we were having 0 knowledge on the stack but we were able to do it in time. He asked me what was the time duration taken for building the whole thing. Then He asked me about what other interests I have and some general questions.
  • Then he asked me “WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN SERVICE NOW”? I was a bit prepared for this question and was talking about that. So we were talking about the stuff Service Now has and some misconceptions on the things I have And we talked on general topics on workflows Full-stack Micro Services.
  • The discussion went well At last he asked whether I was having any questions. So I have asked a question.


  1. Always know about the role and the company you are applying for
  2. Be it any kind of project Have full knowledge on it. Like why only these technologies why not others.
  3. Always have some questions to the interviewer at the end of the meeting that proves your interest in the role.

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