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Schlumberger Internship Interview Experience | On-Campus (Virtual)

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Schlumberger gave a visit to my Campus for recruiting 3rd year BE students as interns for different roles for the Pune location.

They outsourced the initial shortlisting to and hence the first two rounds were taken by First Naukri.

Round 1(Coding and Aptitude):

  • Doable aptitude questions – Time and work, reasoning, couple of speed distance questions, and other easy aptitude questions.
  • Only one coding question which was similar to this:

Round 2(Communication Check Round): This round was also taken by FirstNaukri and it was an abrupt call.

  • I was asked to brief about myself.
  • He asked me question who is more important being a team player or a team leader. My call lasted was around 1min and 30 seconds.
  • I asked my friends so some of them were also asked other questions like: What do you know about Schlumberger? and Tell me about one of your projects?

Round 3(Technical Round – Video Conferencing on MS Teams): This was a general discussion round.

  • I had two interviewers in this round. And it was basically resumed probing.
  • They asked questions like do you like to work in a team or as an individual. Asked about my projects and how I had made those.
  • Some real-life examples where MySQL and MongoDB are used. Surprisingly both the interviewers had their cameras off while my camera was on.

I got eliminated in this round the 4th round was again a Technical Round and the 5th round was an HR round.

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Last Updated : 29 Sep, 2021
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