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Sapient Interview Experience | Set 4

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First Round was online test. 4 sections-
  • English : 25 Questions (synonyms, antonyms, 2 passages, sentence completion, common errors)
  • Logical Reasoning : 25 Questions (Age relationship questions, series, Statements and Conclusions)
  • Technical: 25 Questions (C, Data Structures, time complexity, sorting algorithms, OOPS concepts)
  • Quantitative Aptitude: 25 Questions (Percentage, Profit and loss, LCM and HCF, Work and time, Speed and distance, train problems)
Each section had individual cut-off. It was adaptive test so you cannot go back to your previous answer. Out of 200 students only 56 were selected. Second Round was Personal Interview (Technical) Questions generally asked: Sorting algorithms and their time complexities. 1) What is Bubble sort, Selections sort? 2) What is Shell sort, Counting Sort? 3) How to find a duplicate number in a fixed length array, provided that only one element is duplicated. 4) You are given a String, give the algorithm to find the number of occurrences of that string in the given paragraph. 5) Implement stack using Queues. 6) Give the Linked List Implementation of Stack. 7) What is ACID in Database management? 8) How is Durability maintained in Database? 9) Concepts related to Having clause and when to use where and when to use having? 10) Difference between Delete and Truncate. 11) Write SQL query to select employer name from table, group by department number, and SSN= 24235? 12) Puzzles: There are 49 Horses, and you have to organise a horse racing competition. Maximum of 7 Horses can be made to race at a time. How many minimum races you need to schedule the races such that we can find the horses with first, second and third positions? Ans= 9 Solution:
25 horses 5 tracks 3 fastest puzzle
13) Divide 6 eggs among 6 people and 1 egg still left in basket. How?(Ans. 6th person took the basket too with the last egg) 14) Three ants are moving on equilateral triangle, starting with corners. What is the probability that they never collide, given that their speed remains constant. (Ans. (6/8)) Discussion on my project and Internship. My technical round went good and I was selected for Third Round (HR) HR Personal Interview 3rd Round He was really focussed on my CV. So always justify what is written in your CV. Don’t Say I don’t remember it now but I have done it in past, if you don’t remember then don’t write in CV. I mentioned in my CV – HTML, CSS, MySQL, JAVA project, Data Structures. So they asked me the questions on each Skill
  • Tell me About Yourself (He expected me to prepare a solid answer for this question, so prepare for it)
  • Why Sapient?
  • Why should I hire you, not others? What makes you unique?
  • Write the HTML code to change background colour, insert table and change its colour. Modify the code with CSS.
  • Write the program to swap two numbers.
  • Write the program to swap the two numbers without using third variable.
  • I made Info graphic CV that helped me to impress them, it made me stand out of crowd.
  • In Java you have 3 classes, Employer, subordinate and manager. How will you establish IS-A i.e. Inheritance Relationship between the three classes.
  • What is the difference between C and JAVA (OOPS)?
  • What are the files created after compiling C programs and Java Programs? What is the major difference between them?
  • What is my proudest moment in life?
  • Basically, puzzle solving skills has to be good and basic technical knowledge was required
I got selected and I believe the attitude with which you respond matters, check on your conversational and interaction skills, as they play an important part for selection, be confident in what you know and tell clearly what you don’t know , don’t guess or give wrong answers instead. All the Best!!

Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2022
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