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Samsung R&D Internship Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 21 Oct, 2020
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Round 1:

The first round was coding test. We had 3 coding questions and 70 minutes to solve these. The questions where easy-medium.

  2.  A variation of this. where we have to find the maximum gcd and minimum gcd . return the difference between the two.

I was able to solve all three questions. 16 students were selected for the next round. STL functions were not allowed in C++.

Round 2:

This was a virtual interview round on skype. The interviewer was very friendly and asked me to introduce in an informal way. We both had a common interest in football, so he talked about this for a while to make me comfortable. Then he went over my resume. I had done projects in various fields and was prepared to talk about my projects. The interviewer went into depth in each project. Then he asked questions about core subjects like OS, OOP, CN- some basic questions like what is interface, what is thrashing, internal vs external segmentation, layers in OSI model etc.

Then he asked me to solve 1 probability question – Monty Hall problem. Asked me if I had any questions for him and ended the interview. 

I was well versed with core subjects and was confident about my projects. So for all questions I took time and answered in detail, as I wanted to avoid tricky DSA questions. 

After this round I was skeptical about selection as he had not asked even 1 DSA question. But after 30-40 mins I got call saying my next round is scheduled. Almost all candidates got call for 2nd round


  • Try steering the interview more around your strengths. If you are confident about projects, speak more about them. If not, end it by just giving a brief and not mentioning many keywords. 

Round 3:

The interviewer for this round was also very friendly. For first 5 minutes some casual conversation. Then he went over my resume and asked which is my favorite project and why. Again as I was confident in my projects I explained them in great detail. Then he asked some classic DS questions 

  3. You are given some words and you have to store it efficiently so that retrieval is easy. I told some naive solutions like storing in store in sorted way and use binary search, use of set etc. He was expecting Trie data structure. I did not know much about this and told him the same.

I took some time with the first 2 questions but was able to arrive at the optimal solution with the help of some hints. 

The interviewer asked me if I had any questions for him. I asked a few general ones like work culture etc. He then told me that if I get selected I should expect a call from the HR team for the next round. 

The above two interviews were done by afternoon. So I was waiting for the HR call from afternoon till night. But I did not get a call and was little disappointed because I thought the interviews went good. But the next day to my surprise they directly sent the list of selected students. 4 were selected and I was one of them :). 

After this they sent an extended shortlist of 11 students and interviews were scheduled for them the same day. Out of this 1 student was selected. So in total 5 students were selected for internships. 

For a technical job, technical skills are must have there is no escaping that but apart from these here are some things that helped the most – reading interview experience on gfg, preparing a good tell me about yourself, talk to the interviewer while solving, try to steer the interview around your strengths. 

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