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Samsung R&D Bangalore | FTE 2019 (On Campus) NIT Rourkela

Last Updated : 17 Sep, 2019
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Samsung R & D Bangalore visited our campus for FTE .

Eligibility Criteria : CS, EC, EE, EI department with cgpa >= 7

There were a total of 4 rounds including OT.

Round 1:

It was 3-hr coding round with 1 question with 50 test cases. Maximum of only 10 submissions were allowed.

Question: There was given total physical energy H and total distance D. Five pace information speed and corresponding physical energy was given. Find the minimum time that is required in order to complete total distance D making sure that some of the physical energy does not exceed H.

Time Limit: 3 secs

I solved using dynamic programming.

Around 90 students applied and 13 students who passed all test cases were qualified for next round and I was among them.

Round 2: It was 1 hr technical round. He first checked my Resume and he was very impressed.

The questions asked were:

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Brief explanation of one of my project and role.
  3. Internship Experience.
  4. Favourite subject. ( I told OS and DS but he asked for more subjects so I told DBMS and Computer Networks and he asked questions on Networking).
  5. OSI and TCP/IP model.
  6. Layers of OSI and TCP model and difference between them.
  7. Explain different protocols available in each layer of OSI model.
  8. Difference between TCP and UDP.
  9. What is socket? what is socket programming?
  10. How does server and client socket programming works?
  11. Sliding Window Protocol and how it works.
  12. Go back N and Stop and Wait protocol and their difference.
  13. Efficiency and latency of the above protocols.
  14. How does transmission of data works?
  15. Real life examples of data loss, data transmission.
  16. Examples of data transmission where data loss is there and not there.
  17. When is data loss a serious problem?
  18. Can we transfer 1gb of data in college LAN in unit time?
  19. What is routers and how do they work?
  20. What is cloud computing and why they are called “cloud”?
  21. Implement cloud on your pc.
  22. Examples of cloud software.

He said that he was impressed with my Online Test solution so he didn’t ask me any problems on DS and OS.

After this round, he wished me a good luck for the results.

4 students were shortlisted for next round and I was one of them.

Round 3: It was 1 hr  technical round.

He was a senior employee.

First he asked me questions on Networking.

  1. What happens when we type website name in the browser?
  2. Difference between IPv4 and IPv6.
  3. Difference between 3G and 4G in terms of technical specifications.
  4. What are the specifications of your laptop and what all networking devices are present?
  5. Working of DNS and its server.
  6. Types of Networks.
  7. Difference between server and local.

Then he moved to programming questions

  1. Basic differences between C and C++.
  2. Uses of pointers.
  3. Difference between constant and volatile.
  4. What is macro?
  5. Difference between call by value and call by reference.
  6. Types of polymorphism.
  7. What are objects?
  8. What should we do if we want to use only one object throughout the code?
  9. What is singleton class and how to implement?
  10. Can two objects created separately for one class be same?
  11. Uses of constructors.
  12.  Function pointers and how it works.
  13. Storage classes in C.
  14. Memory allocation in C.
  15. Types of OS.
  16. What is OS used in Linux?
  17. Latest version of Linux.

Then he asked me famous  two dice puzzle problem.
He asked me whether I have any question or not and I asked him three.

He told me to wait for HR round.

2 students were selected for HR round

Round 4: It was 5 mins telephonic round. The questions asked were:-

  1. What did you learn from your Internship?
  2. Rate Online test question and how much time did you take to solve.
  3. How was the technical rounds?
  4. He asked me whether I like to stay in Bangalore or not.
  5. Any question ( I asked two).

Final results were announced in the evening and both of us were selected.

Thanks GeeksforGeeks for helping me crack the interviews.

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