Samsung Interview Experience (On-Campus for Software Engineer) (September 2018)

Samsung R&D Institute, Bangalore visited our campus for 6 month Internship + FTE offer. The whole process consisted of 4 rounds. The GPA cut off was 7.50 and CSE, IT, ECE and EEE branch students were eligible.

  1. Online coding round
    The first round was a 3 hour online coding round held on Samsung’s own software. There was one coding question with 10 test cases and all 10 test cases needed to be passed to qualify for the next round.The question can be found here : Mr. Kim and Refrigerators. I did the question using the concepts of bitmasking.
    13 candidates were shortlisted out of about 150.
  2. Tech Interview
    This was a pretty long interview which went on for about 2 hours. The interviewer was very helpful and experienced, he already knew of the common errors a candidate would make and was giving hints and ample time. He asked me about 13-14 questions related to C, C++, Data Structures, Algorithms, Pointers in C, etc. Some questions were: implement a stack using a inked list. Given a function with a source pointer, destination pointer and the length in bytes copy the data from the source pointer address to the destination pointer address. In a social network, suggest friends of friends of friends to a user. In a directed graph detect the presence of a cycle etc.
    5 candidates made it through the next round.
  3. Tech Interview
    This round lasted for about 30 mins. This was sort of only a cross check round regarding the projects and the interviewer was looking for someone with a Machine Learning project. He asked whether I think I would be a good fit with Samsung and told some things about the work there. I had a Deep Learning project in my resume and he asked me to explain how it worked, I explained that to him for about 10 mins and he seemed satisfied with my explanation. He then asked me why I wanted to join Samsung and some more general questions. He then told me that I would be going through to the HR interview round and said that he expects that I would make it through. Before the interviewers left they shook hands with the 5 candidates and said that they expected all of us to meet them in the Samsung campus next year.
  4. HR interview
    The HR was quite sick and thus didn’t come to the college campus. A telephonic interview was held next night for 5 candidates. The interview started with normal greetings. Then he asked me why I didn’t do a Summer Internship despite my background into competitive coding(Summer Internship is not mandatory in my college). He then asked me whether I think I would get selected. Then he asked about what I know of the work being done in SRI Bangalore, I mentioned AI, IoT, Data Intelligence etc. He then asked me to explain what AI is, further he asked me to explain how is intelligence added in machines, I mentioned there are algorithms like Regression, Clustering etc. He then asked me to give an overview of what regression is. He then asked me whether I had any questions. I asked a question, he answered and then the interview got over. The interview lasted only 8 mins.

The results were declared in the morning and finally, 3 candidates were offered Internship + Jobs. I was one of them. 🙂

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