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Samsung Interview Experience (SRI-Noida On-campus 2018 ,Engineer role )

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 01 Jul, 2021
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Samsung R&D Noida sent a pool campus drive and invited us to IIEST shibpur in 2018 for R&D profile. 

Round 1: 

It was a coding round which is also known as Samsung advanced test. You will be given with one coding question that has to be solved in 3 hours. A total of 10 test cases have to be cleared in order to clear this round. Those who have cleared this test will only be shortlisted for further rounds. If you are unable to clear this round in 3 hours, 
you will be given another chance i.e. another question that has to solved in 3 hours again. Usually, this second attempt would be much straight forward to clear (will be a standard repeated question of Samsung). I suggest the aspirants go through all the coding questions from experiences of Samsung. 

Here is the question:- Kim Question check (

Mr. Kim has to deliver refrigerators to N customers. From the office, he is going to visit all the customers and then return to his home. Each location of the office, his home, and the customers is given in the form of integer coordinates (x, y) (-1<x<101, -1<y<101). The distance between two arbitrary locations (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) is computed by |x1-x2| + |y1-y2|, where |x| denotes the absolute value of x; for instance, |3|=|-3|=3. The locations of the office, his home, and the customers are all distinct. You should plan an optimal way to visit all the N customers and return to his among all the possibilities. 

You are given the locations of the office, Mr. Kim’s home, and the customers; the number of the customers is in the range of 5 to 10. Write a program that, starting at the office, finds a (the) shortest path visiting all the customers and returning to his home. Your program only has to report the distance of a (the) shortest path. 

You don’t have to solve this problem efficiently. You could find an answer by looking up all the possible ways. If you can look up all the possibilities well, you will get a perfect score. 

4<N<11. Each location (x, y) is in a bounded grid, -1<x<101, -1<y<101, and x, y are integers. 

You are given 10 test cases. Each test case consists of two lines; the first line has N, the number of the customers, and the following line enumerates the locations of the office, Mr. Kim’s home, and the customers in sequence. Each location consists of the coordinates (x, y), which is represented by ‘x y’. 

Output the 10 answers in 10 lines. Each line outputs the distance of a (the) shortest path. Each line looks like ‘#x answer’ where x is the index of a test case. ‘#x’ and ‘answer’ are separated by a space. 

[I/O Example] 
Input (20 lines in total. In the first test case, the locations of the office and the home are (0, 0) and (100, 100) respectively, and the locations of the customers are (70, 40), (30, 10), (10, 5), (90, 70), (50, 20).) 

5 (Starting test case #1) 
0 0 100 100 70 40 30 10 10 5 90 70 50 20 

6 (Starting test case #2) 
88 81 85 80 19 22 31 15 27 29 30 10 20 26 5 14 

Output (10 lines in total) 
#1 200 
#2 304 


You can compile your code as many numbers of times as you want, but a maximum of 5 submissions was allowed to test on the given test cases. 

Do note, STL was not allowed, so queues had to be coded from scratch. Also, we could not use vectors, so make sure you brush up your pointers basics. 

HINT:- Use BackTracking 
Tips:- Practice questions on DFS, BFS, Backtracking 

overall more than 300 students all over different colleges  applied for the test and out of them, and I cleared it in the attempt 1 itself and those whoa re not cleared the first attempt will get a second attempt and by the end from my college 4 have been selected for the interview 


attempt 2: Actually I don’t know the exact question, but it somewhat based on a Rat and maze problem which is used to solve by backtracking, bfs. 


Round 2: Technical+HR 

There where 4 members in a panel both technical and HR 

1. Tell me about yourself. Try highlighting the points mainly which are related to the profile in this case mainly your interests also speak about your achievements(suggestion: try to ignore your family background please, they hardly don’t listen to your family stuff ) 

#The first impression is the best impression and they were really impressed with my intro. 

2. Moved to CV and asked each and every detail on my CV. (Why this, why not this one?) 

3. They asked me to explain my third-year intern which highlighted on my CV. Trust me this question will play a crucial role whether you are technically perfect t or not. I have done my internship and I have done my internship as a Data analyst and questions will be on those related topics and I have explained each and every detail. 

so mostly my question is in DBMS, SQL queries  and how data is analyzed 

a)Join 3 tables 

b)Queries related to some Stored Procedures using SQL ( I have mentioned on CV ) 

c) Joins, Group by, having clauses queries. 


3.  They asked me to explain my final year intern project, Though I just started the project a few weeks back before the interview, I managed to learn what are technologies and technical terms used for the project and questions will be asked on that related topics. So try to learn basic core part of subjects Your project may be the best but convincing the interviewer is the I key! 

My project is based on 5G communication, and questions like 

a) difference between 3G, 4G, 5G 

b)how communication will be done 

c)what technologies used 

b)what is the approach of my project 


4. One of the interviewers started with very basic C and C++ like what are Storage Classes and What is the use of register keyword and Gradually he started going into depth like why does using it make the program faster and later questions are on pointers, structures, etc. 

5. Favorite data structures (I said Linked lists and trees) 

-> why linked lists and why trees and some codes using those data structures  like 

a)Reverse a  linked list(both circular and double) 

b)Top and bottom view approaches in tree and tree traversals 

difference between linked lists and arrays and again some C related topics 

6. Explain how you approached your coding question in the first round and any further approaches you came across while solving the problem 

7. What are your favorite subjects 


apart from OS? 

I said  DBMS 

( As I’m from ECE background, they were really impressed with my interest towards CS subjects) 

and the questions will be those subjects : 

  • Why scheduling?
  • Types of scheduling and all algorithms of scheduling?
  • what is Semaphore and why it is used?
  • Explain Reader writers problem
  • Page fault?
  • Page fault algorithms LRU?
  • and DBMS very basic questions
  • what are ISO layers?


and 1 basic puzzle (in order to test your logical thinking+ way of approach)


Though they were 4 members in the room, everyone will observe you keenly, like how you are explaining, how you are approaching  so try to be confident and be active 
regarding OS  all core concepts will be clearly explained in depth 
and you can also go through  GLAVIN Operating Systems  ( best book in OS ) 


Asked about a project. 

Gave a very long and clumsy question but if analyzed properly it turned out to be a basic directly or inversely proportion based question. 

Basic HR questions but prepare for them too, Some questions being 

  1. Why Samsung? (Show interest in the company it is very imp).
  2. What you do if you were given a One day Samsung CEO role!
  3. personal interests and skills in your CV
  4. What is the best  thing that ever happened in your college life
  5. Any new technologies in your mind to contribute to Samsung!  and etc.
  6. Any questions for us? (try to ask some interesting questions regarding technologies used or any rules or policies  and don’t waste the oppurtunity, indeed they are expecting something from your side so feel free to ask )


The Hr will ask questions frequently in between your technical interview, so that they will test you, how fast and active enough while giving an interview. sS don’t get panic, free yourself from outside stuff and give the interview with loads of energy. Feel free to express yourself, they were really cool and they won’t build so much pressure on you, it’s ok that you made some small mistakes, they will guide when you are struck. 

4 people were shortlisted for the interview. Out of them, 2 were selected and I’m one of them. Those 2 rejected candidates  have a common point (lack of expressing themselves and communication and don’t get panic  ) 

GeeksforGeeks is one my key strategy for preparing campus placements and  I thank geeksforgeeks for providing a platform to share my knowledge, encouraging all the aspirants to prepare well for interviews with confidence. It saves a lot of time by pooling the required resources. 


Keep the energy High and Happy Coding

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