Samsung Delhi Interview Experience 2019

Round 1:Coding Round

In the very first round they ask only one coding question and we have to solve in 3 hours. question is based on graph.question was Airplane (coins, bombs) . Samsung follow same pattern so its my advice to manage those questions. most probably only 16 are there and manage their answers too.  after this round 38 were selected.

Round 2:Technical round

As it was only one day process interview and coding both and number of selected candidates are high. so they call for interview in a group of four. It was not good because among four they choose only one. (this was the worst experience).

In the interview they asked us different puzzles and different questions based on graph, projects, operating system(in depth, because one of the panel had expertise in OS).

Round 3:HR round

they asked basic HR questions. and after this 12 were selected finally..

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