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Resetting Windows to Improve Performance

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  • Last Updated : 03 Jan, 2023
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Windows operating system is an important operating system. Many users throughout the globe use this particular operating system. There are other operating systems are present like Linux, macOS, etc. But Windows is one of the most used operating systems. Microsoft develops the Windows operating system for laptops & PCs. Along with time, users witnessed many new versions of the Windows operating system. From Windows 7 to a new generation Windows 11 version, Windows always provide the best user interface to users.

But like every operating system, Windows often malfunctions. Windows typically get slow down with time. If a device is being used for many years without proper maintenance. This type of problem is very common. There are some junk files stored in the operating system itself. This causes an immense slow speed of the Windows. This type of junk file can’t be distinguished. Also, there is no way to particularly remove those files. Along with that, sometimes, users installed unnecessary applications on the device. This also causes the poor performance of the Windows operating system. To get rid of it, there is only a one way present. That is to Reset Windows operating system.

Resetting Windows Operating System:

Note: Resetting of Windows is a good practice. Users need to reset their laptops or computers after using 5 years of long time. After using that much of time, it is advisable to reset the Windows operating system. It not only improve the performance of the machine. But also increase the lifetime of the machine. If a machine is used for a long time without resetting it, it may decrease the performance & lifetime of the device.

Step 1: At first, users need to open the Settings of the Windows operating system. There are many options present. Among them, users have to search for the Update & Security option. Their user needs to click on it.

Windows Settings


Step 2: Now, a new tab will open. On the left-hand side of the screen, there will be some more options present. Users need to click on the Recovery option.

Recovery Option in Windows Settings


Step 3: After clicking on Recovery, some more options will present on the right-hand side of the screen. There, the first option will be to Reset This PC. There, users need to click on the Get Started button to reset the PC.


Step 4: There will be two options in front of the users. One option will keep all your data on your PC. And another option will remove every data from your device. That includes applications, private data, etc. Everything will get removed by that option. Users need to click on the first option.

Disclaimer: If user decides to click on the second option, they can go for it. But one thing user should always keep in mind that option will erase all data from the PC. All important saved document can also be removed. So, that should be backed up previously before clicking that option. But in the first option, there are not such problems. So, it is advisable to always go for the first option.


Step 5: Now, in this window, the User needs to click on the Next button. There will be a list of applications that are not available on the Microsoft Store for installation purposes. Those applications need to be installed from the browser. Applications that are available on certain machines will come out as a list there.

Note: There may be some application listed that can’t be installed from the outside. Most of this application are related with the Intel. Users don’t need to worry about those. At the time of reinstalling the Windows, this application will again be installed in the device automatically. User don’t need to worry about this inbuilt application. As those applications comes with the Windows itself. Those applications may list there. But they will again be installed in the machine at the time of resetting the device.


Step 6: Now, this is the last window. Their user needs to click on the Reset option. There, the resetting process has been described. If needed, the user can go through the tab to better understand the process.


Step 7: Now, it will take a long time to reset the PC. The user needs to keep patients till the process is completed.

Disclaimer: Users need to plug in the device while doing the resetting. As it will take a long time to complete. Resetting the device without plug in may shut down the device. It may cause problems.


Step 8: After completion of the installation process, the PC will automatically restart. There, the user will not find any application on the Desktop. As all application is removed. Also, all settings are changed to the default settings.


Hence, we have successfully completed the resetting of Windows. This will certainly improve the performance of the operating system.

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