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15 Tips to Improve Logic Building Skills in Programming

Last Updated : 01 Dec, 2022
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“In some ways, programming is like a painting. You start with a blank canvas and certain basic raw materials. You use a combination of science, art, and craft to determine what to do with them.” – Andrew Hunt

Yes, programming in itself is a very beautiful art. Sometimes we may face some problems while trying to program, but we can definitely overcome them. So, in this article, we will be sharing the top 15 tips and techniques that can help you to make your programming skills more strong, and rectify some common programming problems and this will also help you in the logic-building process.

Improve Logic Building Skills in Programming


How to Improve Your Logic-Building Skills in Programming?

Here are the ways in which you can improve your logic-building skills in programming. So let’s get started!!!

1. Concepts are Building Blocks for Programming

While trying to crack the logic of any coding problem, many of us think that we never came across such algorithms or theorems while studying and therefore are not able to solve the problem. In order to solve any problem, we should know the concepts of that topic, then only we would be able to apply them and solve the problem. Theoretical knowledge and concepts can be gained by reading articles, blogs, documentation, and watching videos based on that topic. You can also refer to the articles on GeeksforGeeks for building your concepts. We should also know the application of concepts and practice some important problems based on that topic.

2. Be Consistent

Many times it happens that we take up a challenge to solve a question for some number of days and then discontinue in the middle after some days!! It is a popular saying that practice makes a man perfect!! The same is the case with building programming logic. Make it a point to revise, or read an article or solve a question daily despite being very busy with remaining activities. Practicing consistently will help a lot in the overall logic-building process. In order to motivate yourself, you should always contemplate the reason why you started, reward yourself, and make programming fun by solving some quizzes and experimenting with the programs to see different outputs.

3. Pen and Paper Approach

After seeing any problem, we generally start coding the same on our IDE. So, when we are asked to write code on paper in interviews, we fail to do so. Always try to write the pseudo code or algorithm of the code before implementing them. It will help you in writing the code and the next time whenever you approach a similar problem you will be able to recollect more easily. It will also help you in getting syntactically strong.

4. Revision is Very Important

Many of you might be facing this issue that you learn a particular concept but after a few days or months when another question with the same logic or concept appears, you are unable to solve it. This is because you haven’t revised the concepts. Always make it a point to write down the important concepts and logic of questions that are important and keep them revised again and again. This will help you in recollecting the concepts easily.

5. Do as Many Questions as You Can 

It happens with most of us that there comes a single question and most of us get stuck there for 4 to 5 days and still are not able to crack it. Always try to practice lots of questions in order to develop your programming logic skills. This will help you in improving your logic building. If you are stuck on a single question, don’t spend a lot of time after a single question instead look for the concepts hidden behind the question.

6. Puzzle Solving

In many coding competitions, problems are not directly asked based on a concept. Instead, it generally involves a story woven around it, and we have to figure out the logic for solving the program. In such cases, sometimes we are unable to solve the problem. Try solving puzzles such as Sudoku to develop your logic and thinking ability because programming is nothing but solving complex problems with the help of good logic. 

7. Follow Step-by-Step Approach

We don’t start running since the day we are born. Similar logic applies to coding also. We should not directly jump to difficult questions. We should go from Basic to Advance questions. You can take the ratio of questions such while choosing 10 questions you can divide them into 5 easy, 3 medium, and 2 hard questions. You can find these questions on many good websites. Sometimes, people solve a lot of easy questions from all the sites, but they are not able to solve medium-level questions. Instead, make a balance of all the levels. This will help in clearing the coding tests while placements as most of the questions are from easy to medium level.

8. Find a Programmer’s Community

Sometimes we get bored while solving problems by ourselves with no one to teach or guide us. In such cases, you can always try discussing solutions or complex questions with fellow programmers and friends. This will always help you in finding new logic for the same problem and will help you in optimizing your code. This will also improve your confidence and communication skills!!

9. Go through the Editorials

It happens a lot of times that we are not able to solve some questions, so we just leave the question or understand the editorial and move forward without implementing it. After programming any question, go through the editorial section and the top submissions of the code. Here you will be able to find optimized and different logic for the same code. Try to implement the solutions in the editorial section after understanding them, so that the next time you find such a question you will be able to solve it.

10. Take Part in Coding Challenges

Most people are aware of coding challenges and if you want to build your logical skills then you must keep taking part in the same. Taking part regularly in coding challenges is very useful as it makes you familiar with the logical mindset. In a coding challenge, there are numerous types of questions that provide you with a lot of exposure. Also, taking part in such challenges allows you to see solutions of various codes provided by different coders and helps you if stuck at some point. 

11. Learn New Things Regularly

Programmers should never stop learning or being stuck on one topic. They must keep on solving multiple topics as it will help them to expand their area of knowledge by building technical skills. The aim should be solving new problems daily and not being stuck to the old pattern or algorithm in order to achieve success. However, at times some topics are a bit tough and take numerous attempts to solve, in that case, stop solving that and go on to the next one as sometimes new problems are helpful in solving the old ones. 

12. Understand Mathematical Concepts

Mathematics is an important aspect of programming and understanding properly will help you in making numerous visuals or graphs, coding in applications, simulation, problem-solving applications, design of algorithms, etc.

13. Build Projects

Project building is another task that will enhance your logical building skills in programming. It challenges your ability to tackling with new things by using different methods and tactics. It is recommended that you must build one project in order to get a proper clarity of the subject and assess yourself in order to work ahead efficiently.

14. Notes Preparation

Notes are saviors and if one does that regularly then nothing can beat them from achieving their goal. While making notes you must write down every trick, concept, and algorithm so that if you need it again it is easily available. So if you are solving any problem then make sure to note down the library functions it will also be helpful for your future interviews. Noting down basic algorithms such as merge sort, binary search, etc. will help you if you are stuck somewhere. 

15. Patience is the Key

Most of the time we leave programming after some days just because we are unable to solve the questions. Let’s always motivate ourselves by saying let’s just try one more time differently, before we decide to quit!!!


If you’ll patiently work on your programming logic skills and follow the tips which we have shared with you, no one can stop you from being a good programmer and you will surely crack all the coding tests and interviews!!!

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