RazorPay SDE Interview Experience

First round was telephonic call where he asked about the things mentioned in my resume. He asked about the databases the most. SQL, Mongo.
Next round was face to face and I was asked to get my laptop. It was kind of a designing round where a problem was given and you have to give a working solution after discussing with the interviewer.
Next was Hiring Manager round which was also F2F. He discussed about the projects i have worked and explained about the project you will be working on. He asked few problem solving questions.
After that was the last round with the HR where questions related to your behavior were asked.

Round 2
1. Designing a notification system. There are multiple channels via which you can send the notifications and there success rate was given. Choose the best channel and also have handeled the case if a channel failed to send a notification.
Round 3-
1. Given two sorted arrays of size m and n+m. Merge them in to 1 single sorted array with out extra space and in o(n) time.
2. You have a huge stream of numbers coming in say n numbers which are distinct but not in order. There are two numbers missing from it. Find those missing two numbers.

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