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Publicis Sapient FTE Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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Recently Publicis sapient visited my campus for campus hiring. Its hiring process and questions are listed below.

There were total of three rounds.

Round 1(Coding): First is a coding round in which two coding questions were asked. 

  • One was based on binary search and another one was based on Graphs. 
  • I would say questions were Medium-Hard. 
  • These were not standard GfG questions.

Out of 25 People 6 were selected for 2nd Round.

Round 2(Technical Round): The interview started with my introduction. 

  • After it I was asked to design a Car parking system using classes. 
  • Knowledge of classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism is must. 
  • I was required to write the code on coder pad and it was also dry runed on some test cases.

After Second round, 4 out of 6 students were selected for third and last round.

Round 3(HR Round): This wound was for about 25 minutes. General HR questions were asked. 

All 4 of us were selected and extended the offer.

Verdict: Selected

Last Updated : 16 Nov, 2021
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