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Project Title: Info-Chain

Introduction:- It’s a project of sharing the information i.e. while studying, the student stuck in any query then they GOOGLE that query then too many alternative Answer is provided. some time he confused, so my project handles that confusion and provided the efficient answer by the same or other college/institution student. In this, the student of different college/institution is connected through the web application for providing the answer to any query. Its also contain the facility of providing the information about placement (i.e. the company details, criteria for placement, placeholder experience (who already placed in the different company) and so on.). Not only the cs branch but it contains all type of branch-like civil, mechanical, electrical and so on. It’s based on a web-platform i.e. web application.
Elaborating the idea of project using diagram as:-

This depict the overall concept of project

Introduction of Project

Objective:- The primary objective of this project is to connect the different college/institution so that they can come together to solve the problems which they face while studying.
Over there they can consult with the counselor for the better choice of subject and courses in different areas and scope. By this platform, the student is pre-aware about the companies and criteria for placement according to that they can prepare for appropriate company.

Diagrams:- Below are some important diagrams which explain the working and will be used in implementing the project.

  • E-R Diagram

Flow of project

E-R Model to show the working


  1. Language:
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • PHP for backend o BOOTSTRAP FRAMEWORK for effective UI
  2. Tools:
    • Apache HTTP server

Applications :- This project is useful in college/institution like IIT, NIT IIM and so on.
Through this platform, the student of IIT, NIT, IIM are connected to collaboration for adopting and spreading the power of technology. And for the growth of income like the supercomputer is faster in doing the task like the can grow their overall growth.

This project is contributed by Ved Prakash Kamma.

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