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Project Idea | Health Application powered by IBM Watson

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Project Title : Health Application powered by IBM Watson
Submitted By : Animesh Tewari
Introduction: The Application will diagnose the users, by taking the symptoms as an input, for the health problems. It will use the highly evolved cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson to classify the symptoms according to the well established Taxonomy of Watson analytics. As Watson will be used, the cost of diagnosis will be extremely less as compared to what is charged by the doctors around. The Application can be made to suggest tests and cures.

Conceptual framework:
1) Machine Learning
2) Own taxonomic classifier can also be generated and Watson can be trained on it for more accuracy
3) For economical diagnosis i.e. a minimal fee would be charged.

Data structures and Algorithms: Bayesian Inferencing and Artificial Neural Networks
Tools Used: IBM Bluemix cloud platform for Watson Analytics and Android Studio
Application: Application can be used anytime whenever the user is feeling down for easy consultation on health issues.

References : 1)
3) My previous project on automating the process of keyword extraction from research paper using IBM Watson and PDF.js, a community driven project by mozilla. GitHub Link :

Possible Extensions :
1) Getting the application to other Mobile Operating systems like Apple iOS.
2) A desktop application
3) Watson provides the ability to build own taxonomies and get Watson work on it. With the help of a strong R&D department this can be achieved to increase the overall value of the service by providing accurate results.

Hope you like the idea as it’s my own and was appraised when i pitched it at Google’s Office, Gurgaon.

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Last Updated : 28 Jul, 2017
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