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Project Idea | Get Your Logo

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Project Title : Get Your Logo

Introduction:The idea is to make a website where one can get the logo for their official/personal/commercial use just by a single click.

Design : The home page of the website will ask the user to sign in . After signing In the user will be asked to fill a form asking for their logo requirement ,Genre of logo and other info.

Features Provided: User can request for their logo by submitting the form. When the user will submit the form we will receive a request via en e-mail and within 24 hrs of request received , user will get their logo.

Tools/Skills Used : Website will be purely based on Django framework.
Logos will be designed using Adobe Photoshop.

Salient Features: 1.When a logo is selected by a user it is displayed on the gallery of the website
2. Any new user signing Up can refer to those logos

Application : Any Company/Student/professional going to start a new business/website requires a company logo. The idea is to help them in taking a one-step ahead.

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Last Updated : 30 Jul, 2017
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