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Philips Internship Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

Last Updated : 02 Jun, 2021
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Initially CGPA shortlisting was done for students.

Round 1(Online Test): 60 minutes

  • The test was conducted on Mettl platform.
  • There were 10 logical reasoning questions that had to be solved in 10 minutes.
  • Then there were 2 coding question which needs to be solved in 50 minutes.
  • Only C, C++ and Java was allowed. 
  • The question which I got was:
  1. Array based simple question
  2. Find last digit of x^y (integers)

You need to pass most of the test cases to clear this round.

Round 2(Technical Round): 45 minutes

  • Started with tell me about yourself.
  • Why Philips
  • Stack using two Queues?
  • Tested Coding Abilities
  • Join in SQL
  • C++ language versions
  • Explain sorting algorithms, their complexities
  • Some HR questions.

Round 3(Managerial Round): 30 minutes

  • Tell me about yourself, your hobbies.
  • Explain Everything in Resume
  • About Internships
  • About Projects
  • OS – Single core CPU, and two process, how will scheduler work?
  • OOPS – Relation two classes can have?
  • Prove you know coding well.

Round 4(HR Round): 15 minutes

  • Why Philips? What do you know about Philips?
  • Are you comfortable with Bangalore?
  • Are you aware about what work you are going to do?
  • Where do you live?
  • Why you selected your college.

All the interview rounds were conducted on MS Teams.

Best of Luck!


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