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Persistent Systems interview experience (on campus)

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Persistent system came to our campus for recruitment. I faced so many problems before the interview because i searched a lot about the interview process and type of question asked in the written paper as well as in the interviews in persistent sys but I didn’t find anything about it, meanwhile my seniors helped me a lot. Hope that my experience would be definitely help u in all the selection process.

First Round Written Test:-

  • There was a written test having 50 question in 1 hour in which every topic had been covered. 5to8 questions were asked from the aptitude part those were avg level qus and rest of the questions were asked from the software section.
  • There was no verbal reasoning question.
  • Most of the question asked from networking, Dbms, OS. also software testing qus are important.
  • Some of questions were from ds and algo, those were quite easy.
  • Keypoint :time management plays a vital role because question were not tough but provided time was less.

Coding round
A simple data structure question was asked ,need to write full code for it.If u got selected in the objective paper only then coding paper would be checked.

Total 30 students selected out of 200 students. I ws one of them πŸ™‚

1st Technical interview:
It was about 50 min interview. started with C , gradually increases the level of qus .

  1. As i entered in the room, He said me to have a seat and then started to see my resume meanwhile asked me “tell me about yourself”.
  2. Deep disscussion on my projects those were mentioned in the resume.He was quite impressed to my projects and the way of explaining it.
  3. Basic oops concepts like what is polymorphism,abstraction, encapsulation and give the daily life examples of it.
  4. what is buffer overflow?
  5. How to implement queues using stacks?
  6. How to implement stack using queues. Only he wanted to know my approach.
  7. Difference between c++ and java?
  8. difference between tcp and udp?
  9. some basic sql queries like join (inner ,outer ).
  10. reverse a linked list with recursion full code was needed.
  11. He asked 2 standerd puzzles, i knew both of the puzzles but i pretended like it was the first time i m soving it . I took 10 mins in solving it. He was fully satisfied with my answers .
  12. asked some basic qus of OS like difference between process and thread, what is paging ,page fault, thrashing.

he was happy at the end πŸ™‚ as said really nice talking to you.

2nd Technical and HR interview:

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. U are a electrical engineer then how could you prove your interest in softwere field?
  3. What are your future plans?
  4. some simple c questions like what is the use of static,auto variables
  5. compiler vs interpreter
  6. Segregate 0s and 1s in an array? expecting atleast 2 methods.
  7. what do you know about us ?
  8. he said if u wanna ask smthing you can then i asked about my job roles and type of projects I will be dealing with. He explained everything vividly

Total 6 students are selected . I was one of them πŸ™‚

Resume is very important. You should prepare each and every point that is written in the resume and fell free there, dont be nervous. Show your confidence . Always remember “they r here for your selection,not for your rejection”.All the very best πŸ™‚

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Last Updated : 26 Jan, 2015
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