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Persistent Systems Interview Experience (On-Campus Drive)

  • Last Updated : 28 Sep, 2020

Persistent Systems visited our campus. It was an on-campus drive and our college was part of that drive. Persistent Systems had offered two packages.


This eliminating round had 3 sections for 50 minutes.First section was Logical Aptitude.It had to be solved in roughly 10-15 minutes.Then second section was CS Fundamentals.It had to be solved in 10-15 minutes.The third section was English.It was an easy section containing passages,sentence completion and error correction.This was for 15-20 minutes.

In the next 30 minutes,two codes were given

1)Kth smallest element in an array-

2)An array was given and value K was given,Array was to be sorted in increasing order from 0-K-1 and rest were to be sorted in decreasing order.


Top 10-15 students were selected for this round,I was one of them .The students who cleared this round could appear for the higher package while others became eligible for the lower package.

There were 2 coding questions which were of medium level difficulty.

I could’nt solve both.So I became eligible for base package.Students who could solve both the questions became eligible for the higher package.


It started with a formal introduction of me along with the projects which I had written on the Resume.Then he asked questions related to OS,DBMS and OOP concepts.Some of them were-

1)What is OS?What is the need of OS?

2) What are the types of OS?

3)What is deadlock?How to avoid it?

4)Difference between C and CPP

5)What is a scheduler?

6)What is JVM?


It started with formal introduction and later projects,technologies used in the project.Then he gave me 2 codes out of which one code was-

Maximum area histogram-

The other code which was something related to graph which I don’t remember.

Then he asked general OS questions related to deadlock,avoidance of deadlock.


This round was a formality.It lasted for 10 minutes.The interviewee asked the below questions-:

1)Tell me about yourself

2)what are the certifications which you achieved in your engineering years?

3)What are the extra-co curricular activities in which you participated?

4)Which domain do you like to work in?(like ML/Front End)

Finally,4 students were selected and I was one of them.

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