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PayU Interview Experience | 2+ Years Experienced

  • Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2021

 I received an email from a recruiter to schedule the virtual interviews. The recruiter informed me that each round would be an elimination round, meaning that if I did not perform well, they would not proceed to the next round. Three rounds were planned in total. [2 technical + 1 (Technical + Managerial)].

All the rounds were on the same day. 

Round 1: An SDE-2 intercepted it. His communication and technical abilities were excellent.

  • Find the Missing Number
  • Depth Sum or Nested List Weight Sum 
    Sample Input: [1 [4 [6]]] Output: 27.   
    Explanation: 1 * 1 + 4 * 2 + 6 * 3 = 27( Number in the red color are the level in the nested list. )
  • Derive time and space complexity for both the problems

Round 2:

Round 3: 

  • The interviewer asked me to introduce myself,
  • Asked me to explain and design tables and how data is flowing into the tables in my project.
  • Why use Python for web development and how python is used in Instagram along with different databases.
  • How multiprocessing in Instagram works, event-driven programming in Python.
  • What is AWS lambda and how it is useful?
  • Detailed discussion about current role and responsibilities.

Round 4: 

  • This was the final HR round. I introduced myself and she asked why PayU. That’s all.

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