PayU Interview Experience | Set 8

Round 1: It was a coding round held in our campus. There were 30 Java MCQ’s on OOPs concepts and spring framework. There were some questions on Java Beans too. Additionally, There were 5 coding questions. 2-3 coding questions were enough to be selected for further round.

Round 2: Round 2 and 3 were telephonic interviews. First of all,  the interviewer asked me to introduce myself and  explain my projects. Then, the interviewer was mainly focused on Java OOP’s concepts. He was digging deeper into abstraction, polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation etc. Then he moved to Limked List basic questions and put some questions about stacks and queues. This round was easy but, one has to be trained in OOPs concepts to crack this round.

Round 3: This round was taken by the technical head of the company. For half an hour, he asked about my resume and projects. Then, the question was logical. He asked me the logic of building a plagiarism software. Then he asked me two eggs puzzle (

Round 4: This was the final HR round. I introduced myself and he asked why PayU. That’s all.

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