Payu Interview Experience | Set 5 (On-Campus)

Online Round
1 hour coding contest, different set of coding problems were given. They were manually evaluated. I was able to score 2nd highest score in my batch. They were judging you on these factors proper Algorithm, and clear code.

20 people were shortlisted after this round.

Round 1

N -ary tree given ,print the zig zag order traversal

Link list consist of 0 and 1 ,arrange it in such a way that all 0’s on the left and
all 1’s on right

Given an sorted array find a pair such that their sum is equla to key value.
My friend gave me the solution in order( n ), he told him tell the solution in O(logn) , just to test his temperament.

6 were shortlisted out of 20

Round 2

There was discussion on my project for about 15 mins . Since my project was based on web crawling he asked me
Find top 10 urls used by clients and 10 clients accessing the urls for 1 day of data . I answered by using heap ,he asked to me ,how insertion works in a heap .

Puzzle : 25 horses race, he modified it to 30 horses

Given a string without spaces and a dictionary return or print all possible ways that the string can be broken so that only valid words are formed.

Eg. “programmerit”, dict = { “pro”, “gram”, “merit”, “program”, “programmer”, “it” }

ans: { {“pro”, “gram”, “merit”}, {“program”, “merit”}, {“programmer”, “it”} }

3 were shortlisted

Round 3
Position of knight and king in a Chess board, find the minimum no of moves knight can move to reach king position.

Boundary traversal of Binary tree

All permutation of string ,with and without duplicates

HR round
Tell me about yourself.
3 Strengths,3 weaknesses, 3 things you like and hate about you college, why payu, why coding?, motivation, challenging moment.

Things we were judged was effort and all codes were asked to code .

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