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PayU interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 16 Sep, 2021

Round 1: Online MCQTest

First-Round MCQ pseudo-code Coding test(medium level)

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One day, after one week interview, took place. Shortlist for interview total 3 rounds, the single-day all rounds

Round 2: TR Round 1

Time: 1hour

Question asked

  • Given an array of stock prices for a day, u can buy and sell exactly once. Give the maximum profit for the day. Solution: iterate from left to right, keep track of global minimum, find the difference of arr(i) with global minimum and update the answer with max diff
  • Now among all the pairs possible, give the pair a minimum gap between buying and selling the stocks Solution: I only got a brute solution, O(n*n). For each ai check for the first aj on the right side where aj-ai is the maximum profit
  • Given a function that takes one parameter which is 50 percentage of one outcome and 50 percentage of another outcome, make them 75 percentage and 25 percentage. (Hint binary) .Solution: Take an extra bool variable, make it random for each call. And return binary OR of both bool variable and parameter taken.

Round 3: Managerial Round

Time: 20mins, (another guy got 1hr 20min)

  • Explain the difference between Software Engineering and the Rest of the Engineering branches (mech architecture, ECE)
  • Explain Difference between Scientists and Engineers
  • If given advice to CEO of Serum institute with a problem to One is manufacture vaccine another one is the distribution of vaccines across the globe
  • Given you can pick a scientist or engineering for each task, who would you pick and why Sol: scientist to make vaccine as he good in creating new things
  • Engineering to distribute as he efficient in doing old things in a better way

Round 4: HR

Time: 20min

  • Self-intro asked me about resume based projects just describe what you did,
  • What are you excepting from the company
  • What are roles are you seeking, etc.
  • Around 7 pm got results. 4 were selected, I was selected one of them.
  • As per my knowledge, PayU usually asks more tough Problems and interviews.
  • So except atleast one DP, one div2 B problem in the interview.
  • The interviewers were friendly, I enjoyed the interview.
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