PayU Interview Experience | Set 7 (On Campus)

Online Test :

Ten Questions were asked . Five of these are MCQs on DSA . Two of the remaining five correct  the Syntax questions . Remaining three are coding questions . The test duration is one hour.

Twenty students are shortlisted after this round.


Round 1:

In this round the interviewer mainly asked me questions on the points mentioned on my resume . He asked me to explain all projects i have done and asked me questions on them . Later he asked me one Coding  question .

Zig- Zag Transversal :

This round lasted about 30 minutes.

Ten students are shortlisted after this round.

Round 2:

  1. Lexographic String Order question

    Lexicographic rank of a string

    Discussion on this question lasted about half an hour and he was impressed with my solution .

  2. The interviewer went through my resume and held a discussion on my projects.
  3. He asked to write a query to find the school with 3rd highest number of students from a table containing student details along with their respective school name .
  4. Difference between out join and in join ?He asked me few OS questions .
  5. What is Scheduling ?
  6. Name few Scheduling methods and what is the best method according to you ?
  7. What is Paging ?

This Round lasted about 40 minutes.

Round 3:

In this round the interviewer asked me few coding questions.

  1. Find the Largest Prime Pandigital number .
    (Definition : Pandigital number of length n contains all digits from 1 to n . Ex : 53241 is pandigital number of length 5)
  2.  Find the factorial for 1000 .
  3. We are provided some telephone data having 10^6 to 10^7 records each record of length 7 digits (each record is unique). The given task is to store and sort this data but we have to use less than 2 MB of physical memory space.

This round lasted about 1 hour .

After this round the interviewer said well done and asked how was the interview (He gave a slight  hint that i am going to get selected).

HR Round:

Tell me about yourself.

Strengths ?

Weaknesses ?

What makes you special ?

Motivation ?

Most challenging moment of your life ?

Future Plan ?




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