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Paytm Interview Experience | Set 11 (For 2 Years Experienced)

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  • Last Updated : 29 May, 2019
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Round 1:

  • Brief intro

  • Discussion about Projects and work ex.

  • Why are you using aerospike?

  • Given a matrix sorted only row-wise, search a number in it. (Complexity O(log(m+n))).

Round 2:

  • Brief intro

  • Discussion about project

  • Why are you using aerospike?

  • Design a hashmap.

  • Relationship between equals() and hashcode().

  • Find a loop in linked list

  • Given a string, print it in reverse order word by word. E.g. “Name is XYZ” -> “XYZ is Name”. First without any java function, then with built in java functions.

  • Given a file, read it line by line, and print occurrences of each word in a line.

  • Difference between StringBuilder and StringBuffer.

  • Design a singleton class. Then make it thread safe. Then improve its performance by double checked locking.

  • What is volatile.

Round 3:

Round 4:

  • Brief intro

  • Discussion about project

  • What is aerospike XDR?

  • How will you make a list unmodifiable? Eg List list = {1,2,3,4,5}. Now list cannot add or remove any element.

  • Write code for an enum. How will you get ordinality for an enum? How can your enum A extends some class B?

  • Difference between List<?> and List<Object>

  • List<?> list1 = new ArrayList<?>();

  • List<Object> list2 = new ArrayList<Object>();

  • List<String> list3 = new ArrayList<String>();

List1 = list3;

List1 = (List<String>)list2;

What will be its output?



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