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Paytm Interview Experience for iOS Developer | 2 Years Experienced

Last Updated : 16 Jun, 2021
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Paytm – iOS Developer

Round 1(Online Coding Round): 1 DSA question + 15 iOS basics questions

DSA Question – 

  1. Find the Longest palindrome in the given string

iOS Questions – 

  1. Queues, access specifiers, memory management, the output of the code, reference count ARC, closures, etc.

Round 2(DSA + iOS Intermediate):

  1. What is the auto layout, when should we use this, and make me implement auto layout in the storyboard?
  2. Basic array string questions

Round 3(iOS advance + Design Patterns):

  1. What is a singleton?
  2. When should we use this?
  3. Can we de-init a singleton object, if yes then give a real-life example where we need to de-init the singleton object?
  4. Design a custom UICollection view cell. Requirements were given by the interviewer.

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