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Abco Advisory Board Company | Set 1 (Internship + Full time Employee)

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  • Started with 2 simple data structure programs and 30 aptitude questions; luckily cleared this round and qualified for the in-person interview.
  • I was asked only data structure questions in both technical one and two.
  • Longest sum contiguous sub array. I saw the solution to this question few days before the interview, but during the interview i had no clue whatsoever; and gave some stupid solution to this question; the correct solution will be to use Kadane’s Algorithm.
  • Finding duplicates in a String.
  • Finding duplicates in an array.
  • Given a binary array(having only 0s and 1s), sort it in ascending order(all 0s to left and all 1s to right). I first gave him a O(n*n) solution. He asked me to optimize and give a O(n) solution. He gave me a clue that i’ll have to use two pointers (one from start and one from end to achieve this in a single iteration).
    I answered all questions except the first one correctly and also showed my interest towards this company by asking questions about the company, and so was pushed to the next round.

Next round

It was about what was asked in first round? How was the day? etc. Later he asked me few data structure questions.

  • Given an array with numbers from 1-100 arranged in random order; if one number is missing, find that missing number.
    I told him we could sum all elements in array, for which we’ll get a sum, which can be subtracted from sum of first 100 elements ((100*101)/2=5050) to get the missing number. He was happy with this answer and so moved to next question.
  • Given an array with numbers from 1-100 arranged in random order; if one number is missing, and instead of that one number, some other number is duplicated so find that missing number.
    I told him we could solve this efficiently using Hash table, but he told me try without using the same.
    So later, gave him solution using the positive difference of first 100 elements and the sum of elements in array; I think i didn’t give the correct answer for this. But i tried to somehow arrive at most appropriate solution to atleast satisfy the interviewer and he was somewhat ok with it.
  • Split an array into 2 halves such that their sum is equal.
  • Split an array into 2 halves such that their average is equal.
  • I tried some basic solution and failed to pass more than 2 test cases with it. LOL; basically my solution to this question was very POOR. This question must be solved using DP, and i’m not so good at it and so failed to do it. But i didn’t tell him , gave him some solution which solved one or two of the test cases he had given me.
    Then later when given a chance, asked him lots of questions; and made sure i appeared to be interested in this company; luckily was pushed to the HR Round.

HR Round

This was just fun; with lots of HR Questions.


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Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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