OYO Interview Experience | Set 4 (For 5+ Experienced)

Following is the summary of the interview

I have given the interview for OYO rooms for 5+ years Java Developer

Round1 :

  1. Discussion about my project. What are the core areas I have worked upon?. Things I worked upon. Knowledge about scalability.
  2. gave me to design a cab management system. like Ola and Uber. What are the main components and details in some components?.
    Also asked about the APIs and SQL queries.
  3. How to make this cab management design scalable. and how to design in such a way that components are micro-services.

Round 2:

  1. What is memory leak. And how can it effect the product. What are the ways to debug it and resolution.
  2. What is High CPU Usage problem. how to detect it and resolution
  3. given a Stream of string coming. So we need to print the first non repeating character
    eg : Stream of string : abcdabef
         Non repeating string : aaaabccc

Round 3 :

  1. Lexographically nth permutation of a string
  2. Design LFU (Least Frequently used Cache)
  3. Design Executor service of JAVA

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