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OYO Interview Experience | On-Campus 2019 for SDE-1

Last Updated : 21 Oct, 2019
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OYO visited my college IIT Patna in October. They first took online test of all the students who have applied for the role.

Online Test was conducted on InterviewBit platform. It consists of 2 coding questions and 20 MCQs on topics like Basic programming, OOPS, DBMS, OS.

Two coding questions were:

One who is able to solve at least one problem got selected for the next round. They shortlisted 22 students for the interview round.

They took 3 round of interview for all the shortlisted candidates. All rounds were Technical and there was no HR round.

Round 1: 

For me there were 3 coding questions. They asked logic and also complete code on paper.

Algorithm for finding the sum of all subsets of a set.

For example, if k=3 and the subsets are {1}, {2}, {3}, {1, 2}, {1, 3}, {2, 3}, {1, 2, 3} then sum of subsets is {1}+{2}+{3}+{1+2}+{1+3}+{2+3}+{1+2+3}=24


Round 2:

Round two also consists of 3 coding questions and theoretical questions on OOPS, Databases and OS


bit modified version of this question:

Theoretical questions were on abstract class, interface, polymorphism, difference between overloading & overriding, importance of inheritance, Database indexing, how indexing in done, normalization, foreign key, sephamore and mutex, etc.

Round 3:


I was able to answer all the coding questions and theoretical questions and somewhere they also gave me hints when i got struck.

9 out of 22 students were selected (4 CS + 4 Electrical + 1 Mechanical) and I am the Mechie guy.

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