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Oracle Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020

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Oracle visited our campus in December for M. Tech and B. Tech students and it was all virtual because of Covid-19. 

CGPA cut-off required: 7.0

Online Test: This was a preliminary test that covered questions from Aptitude and Core CS Subjects (Network, OS, Database, DSA). 

  • The test was around 90-120 mins long and was a little bit challenging as it had different sections and had sectional cut-off.
  • Out of 155 students, 36 were selected.

Round 1(Online Assessment + Technical Interview): Round duration was about 35-45 mins.

  • First, the interviewer asked about me and had a look at my resume.
  • He asked about one of my projects mentioned on my resume and how I stored the data being used in the project.
  • The technology stack that I am familiar with and he asked me to explain what is NLP (natural language processing).
  • Then he asked about some of my published technical articles that I wrote during my undergrad days.
  • There were questions from CS core subjects like DBMS and OS, most of the questions were about Linux.
  • A coding question was asked about finding and removing duplicates in a Linked List efficiently. Language choice of C, C++, Java was given. Sufficient time was given as I had to first explain the logic and then write code on the shared notepad.
  • 25-30 students were selected for the next round.

Round 2(Technical Interview): Round duration was about 30-40 mins.

  • Once again, the interviewer talked about my technical articles which were published on a popular programming website and gave me a coding question similar to one of the articles I have written about.
  • The problem given was to reverse a string in which each word is reversed maintaining the order of words without using any inbuilt library function.
  • I managed to eventually write efficient code for this problem as enough time was given to me by the interviewer even after facing runtime errors in a few tries.
  • The interviewer was very supportive and friendly.

Round 3(HR + Technical interview): Round duration was about 30 mins:

  • The interviewer asked me about Cloud and oracle products, what is and how to implement Single Sign-on functionality which I was able to answer close to the correct answer but not exactly on point.
  • In my opinion, the interviewer wanted to know my approach to a problem that is new to me.
  • Finally, he asked me if I have any questions for him for which I asked about his personal experience with Oracle. 13 out of 30 students were selected.

Verdict: Selected

Note: Interviews were conducted virtually on Zoom.


  • Be confident while answering and believe in yourself.
  • When asked to code first think and tell them your logic, so they can know your approach.
  • Don’t directly jump into coding.
  • Start coding when the logic is completely clear to you. You can ask for some hints if you find the given problem very challenging or stuck at some point.
  • Don’t beat around the bush when asked about something.
  • Give honest and correct answers or say no to a question if you genuinely don’t know about it.
  • Maintain eye contact with the interviewer and try to maintain a constant pitch and tone.
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Last Updated : 06 Oct, 2021
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