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Oracle Interview Experience for Application Engineer (On-Campus)

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Oracle on-campus/fresher interview experience

Role: Application Engineer

I had 4 rounds –

  • Online Test
  • 2 Technical Interview
  • 1 Technical + HR round

Online Test

It was a 2hr MCQ-type test. It had aptitude-numerical, comprehension, reasoning, data structures (mostly trees (AVL trees), code snippets), software engineering.

Technical Interview I

Technical Interview II

  • Introduce yourself ( Talk about college, branch, experience, projects)
  • Types of joins
  • ACID properties
  • THREE PUZZLES -(explain logic clearly).
  • Explain all the OOPS concepts with example
  • Interface and abstract classes
  • Initialize a linked list after forming a structure.
  • All types of initialization (new, malloc, etc)
  • Difference between declaring pointer object for linked list and normal object.
  • Code to free space in memory in cpp (free(), dealloc)
  • How to call a destructor, why a destructor is needed in class, can we manually call it?
  • What is a memory leak
  • Write code to allocate memory for 4 INTEGERS
  • Questions on Pointers
  • Random questions on OS, DBMS, CN
  • Dangling pointers condition

Technical + HR round

  • Types of Trees you know – binary trees, n-ary trees, BST, AVL, Red Black Trees
  • Explain Red Black Tree and code
  • What is machine learning
  • Why use machine learning? Have you done any projects?
  • What is an autonomous database?
  • Thorough questions from projects.
  • Told me to screen share and open GitHub and asked to open a random repository of mine. Told me to explain the code.
  • What is REST API
  • Write code to call an api
  • What is flutter
  • What is darted
  • Thread and thread programming.
  • Have you ever done thread programming?
  • Why switched from java to dart
  • What all modules do Oracle have
  • What is a static variable?
  • Write code to open a file and take the username, call an API that has the list of people attending GHCI and print the list after matching it with your file.
  • Linux commands
  • Why have you used firebase in your projects? Is it secure?
  • Cloud
  • Introduce yourself
  • Why Oracle
  • Tell me about your family
  • Have got any other offers and why?
  • What all hackathons you went to and what all projects you did.
  • Create an ER diagram to depict your database for that hackathon project.

Result: Selected

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Last Updated : 28 May, 2021
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