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Optum Recruitment Drive (QA Engineer)
  • Last Updated : 08 Aug, 2018

Round 1: This round consisted of 18 mcqs, 3 coding questions and 3 sql query questions. They were of medium level. The test was conducted on hackerrank platform.Out of 300 students, 16 students were shortlisted after the first round.

Round 2: This was a hardcore technical round. The interviewer asked me the following questions:

1. Write an algorithm to check whether a document has been copied from another document. (Plagiarism detection algorithm)


2. Consider an array of elements, check if the sum of pairs of elements is present in the array.If yes, display the pair.You cannot use brute force method.


3. Few questions on SQL queries.

4.Questions on my projects.

After this round, 8 out of 16 people were shortlisted.

Round 3: This was a second technical round.

  1. Difference between Delete and truncate.
  2. Clustered and non-clustered index.
  3. Given a string, find the longest substring which is palindrome.


and at the end he asked me two puzzles.


After this round 6 out of 8 were shortlisted.

Round 4: This round was relatively easier, the interviewer asked me about the different types of testing.

  1. What are the types of testing?
  2. What is performance testing?
  3. What is load testing?
  4. What is functionality testing?
  5. Functionality testing done in my project.

After this round 5 were shortlisted.


Round 5: This was an HR round. The interviewer asked me why i wanted to go into QA profile having done projects in development.

He gave me the following situation.

I have 100 Rupees, and 3 bowls in front of me.

1 bowl is my manager, 2nd bowl is my financial well being, 3rd bowl is my organization. How will you divide this 100 so that you can keep everyone happy?

Round 6: This was the final round. This was like a 10-min conversation and a formality to decide on the job location.

He asked about my hobbies.

3 students were selected by Optum.


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