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Optum Campus Recruitment for Data Analyst

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 25 Jan, 2023
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First round

was an Online round which consisted of 2 sections – Quantitative and Qualitative – each consisting of 30 questions. Total time allotted was 50 minutes. Quantitative sections was quite easy and I completed it’s 30 questions in 16-17 minutes. Qualitative section was a bit lengthy as it consisted of some long paragraph based questions. Altogether it was an easy round and I got 57 questions right out of 60. (Scores were told to each one who got qualified for the next round.) There were 3 Face-to-Face Interview rounds: Round 1: 44 students were selected out of 150 (approx.) for this round. This was a technical round and it lasted for about 45-50 minutes. Interviewer first asked me to introduce myself in brief and then had a glance at my resume after which he started asking questions. Questions were of easy (80%) to medium level (20%) as he asked from almost each topic or subject which I had written in my resume. Topics included were – 

  • DBMS – Normalization, 4th Normal Form, 1st Normal Form, Difference between SQL and NoSQL, etc.
  • OS – Difference between Thread and Process, Semaphores, How to solve Dining Philosophers’ problem (along with a Pseudo Code), etc.
  • Networking – Different layers of OSI model, Functions of Transport and DLL layer, and some basic questions about IP addresses.
  • Coding – Basic Tree questions (each one was easy), Difference between BFS and DFS, What is implemented in Google Maps and he also asked me to write all the possible corner cases for the same.
  • Project related questions – My projects were all on ML (unsupervised learning) so he asked some basic questions regarding my project as to why I choose a particular algorithm, what was the main challenge that I faced and how I overcame it, and since I had implemented the algorithm all on my own without using libraries so he asked why didn’t I use a library and what would have been the difference in results if I would have used libraries, etc.

Then he asked if I had any question for him and then I asked a question to which he answered very nicely. One advice from my side would be that you should know what you have written in your resume and be thoroughly prepared with all the topics related to it and especially have a deep and thorough knowledge about your projects. Round 2: 21 people were selected for this round. This was a Managerial round that lasted for about 20 minutes. Interviewer was an alumni of our college so it was a friendly round and we talked about some teachers and subjects. He also asked me my marks in some subjects. I don’t remember much about this round but this round was easiest to clear. Round 3: 13 people were selected for HR round. It lasted for about 35-40 minutes. There were 2 HRs in the room and both were very friendly. You just need to talk (with a smile on your face) and try to be friendly and confident. Some questions were:

  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • What part of the PPT ( Pre-placement talk) did you like the most?
  • Why do you want to join Optum and why do you think you would be a right fit for us?
  • How would you like to differentiate between a 3 years younger you (when you joined this college) and the current you and what are the qualities that you’ve learned in these 3-4 years.
  • Plans for further studies. This is a tricky question as you just need to convince the interviewer that you’ve no plans for further studies.
  • Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

This was concluded with them asking me if I had any questions for them and after answering my question we shook hands and then I left the room.   Results came out after approximately 2 hours and they selected 8 people for FTE position and I was one among them. 🙂 Only one advice – Be thorough with everything that you’ve mentioned in your resume and be confident while answering. They do not expect you to answer each and every question correctly but they look your approach towards a new problem in pressure. All the Best!

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