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Nutanix Interview Experience for MTS – QA (4+ year experience) [ Language – Python ]

Last Updated : 21 Apr, 2019
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Hi, I was recently interviewed for the MTS -QA position for  Nutanix (Location: Bangalore). I have 1.5-year experience in the storage domain. Following were the interview questions-

Two telephonic round followed by 6 F2F interviews.

Telephonic Round 1: 

  1. How to check if a string contains a given substring.
  2. Find a string in a given list.
    Input : list l1 = ['aaa', 'a', 'xyz']
            string = 'a' 
    Output : True
  3. Find email address in a given string. [use regex]
  4. Merge given two list
  5. How to debug ping command. If it is not working how you will debug to find out the root cause for the same.
  6. You have n number of hosts, how will you search the given string in a given file.
  7. How to mount a filesystem on NFS and if it is not working how to debug it.
  8. What is your current role and work?

Telephonic Round 2:

    1. Print occurrences of words in a given file.
      Input: a given file having some words -
             e.g.  cat cat dog cat hen hen
      Output: a file - cat4 dog1 hen2
    2. Shift all zero in the right side in a given list
      Input: [5, 6, 0, 1, 0, 10, 0, 2, 0]
      Output: [5, 6, 1, 10, 2, 0, 0, 0, 0]
    3. Some questions around the current project.

F2F Round 1: Data Structure and Algorithm Round 

What are the algorithms to solve the below problems? Write the test cases and code to cover all test cases.

What is the time complexity and how can you optimize your solution?

  1. merge-k-sorted-arrays-set-2-different-sized-arrays
  2. merging-intervals
  3. Basics of trees and understanding about heap tree.

F2F Round 2:  

    1. Given a string, find the count of unique characters present in the string.
      Input: FUNNY
      OUTPUT: 4
    2. Now remove the characters till one character is left.
      FUNNY -> FUNY -> FUY -> FU -> F
      OUTPUT: F 
    3. You have one saree of size (n*m), fold this with the maximum number of folds (“x”) and check if it is able to fit in the p*q box.

F2F Round 3:

  1. Discussion around the current project.
  2. Challenges in projects and automation.
  3. Approach for testing the product.
  4. Basics of test frameworks.
  5. Given a scenario, write a test class.

F2F Round 4:

  1. How to validate if two files are the same or not? What attributes of a file can be checked for validation? [e.g. metadata, content]
  2. If the file is too big, file read is not sufficient way to validate files, Is there another way to do validate files??
  3. What is the difference between symlink and hardlink? Explain with inodes?
  4. Given file is in a distributed system and file is open at one node for writing and that file is not allowed to be deleted on any other node. Write the test plans for the same.

F2F Round 5: 

  1. How to check the performance of processes in a UNIX system?
  2. In a distributed system,  NodeA is able to ping nodeB, but B is not able to ping A. How to debug this issue?
  3. How files stored in a UNIX system?
  4. Difference between a static method and a class method
  5. Write test code for below –
    you have to check if a given file is readable or not 
    1. if the file is readable - pass
    2. if the file is not readable - and having error msg - "xyz" - fail
    3. if the file is not readable and not having error msg - "xyz" - try to read for n time with same above conditions. 
    If file failed for n times then return False
  6. Generalize your above code for checking the directory content. Check directory content is readable or not.[Directory can have multiple files.]
  7. Suppose you are moving a file from one server to client and file transfer speed is very slow. How will you troubleshoot for the same?

F2F Round 6: Managerial round.

  1. Architecture and system level questions.
  2. College project and current work related stuff.


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