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Nutanix Interview Experience for System Reliability Engineer

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2021
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This year Nutanix was there to hire an intern to convert for the SRE role on my Pool campus. I was not offered but was one of 8 students who reached the director round finally 5 were shortlisted among a total of almost 600. I am writing this so that my other friends can get to know about the experience and questions they would face during the entire process and avoid mistakes I did in the process. I Hope my article Benefits all and increases your chances to be hired.

There Were a total of 4 rounds.

Important to know:

  • Before going forward let me tell you This is for Non coding role ..and no DSA questions will be asked here.
  • The Topics asked will be from Computer Networks, Operating System , Linux environment , Hardware and Virtualization..
  • I would strongly recommend to read basics of cloud computing and Hypeconvergence as this is what Nutanix does and will be alot helpful in the process.

Coming back to the process.

Round 1:Technical Round

60 Mcq in 60 Mins.topics Networking, OS, Logical reasoning, and aptitude. And Virtualization and Linux.

  • The difficulty level was mid-hard…
  • I would suggest reading each topic in detail as the questions were versatile and in-depth.
  • Go through the Sanfoundary questions of the same topics that helped me a lot.
  • only 105 students crossed this round out of 600. and were invited for a technical interview the very next day.

Round 2: Technical Interview

  • This round was really a good round and most candidates were eliminated here..
  • this was one of the best interviews I had till date.
  • Questions were hard and engaging. The interviewer was very supportive and engaging.
  • Their questions were on various topics and each question had a follow-up question so make sure you know each topic in detail.
  • Also in this round, I was asked what do I know about Nutanix. Make sure you know what is Hyperconvergence.
  • I would refer To go through the Hyperconvergence page at that explains a lot of what they do and how.
  • questions were on different Osi Layers, protocols in those layers. Port number of that protocol. Read the OSI model in detail along with all protocols involved and what happens at each layer.
  • The next most asked topic was Linux commands their full form and even at which layer in OSI those commands are executed.
  • Also read the basics of Linux like bash, shell, etc. I would recommend interview bits top 50 questions on Linux.
  • Questions on cloud-like imagine a data center and what comes in your mind, private cloud, public cloud, Hypervisor.
  • An example for the demo would be like. question: if there are two devices in the same Lan how can I check the connection between them? (the answer is the PING command) what is the full form of ping command ..where is it implemented in the Osi layer(network layer) and also explain why?
  • So prepare each topic in this manner.
  • There were questions from OS too but that was medium like when we plug in a new device which thing in OS decides what type of device it is.

Round 3: Managerial round.

  • My interview round was clearly very good and the interviewer an impressed even though I had a DSA background still I answered most of the questions with confidence. I was skipped this round and went ahead with the director round.

Round 4 : Director interview.

  • This round was mostly about my self-company but extended to technical stuff too.
  • The Person interviewing was the Director of the Pune branch of Nutanix.
  • He started with an intro and my goals, strengths. And various details about me.
  • And later he started asking really good questions on hardware and different topics… He asked me about windows and my experience in Linux. Some Linux commands which are better windows or Linux and why.
  • Where could I check all my system properties like graphics and all on my desktop?
  • Full form of various Linux command and their use. Some OSI protocols.


  • In the end, the result was announced and I was not shortlisted ..according to me the reason would be that I was unable to answer some questions in the director rounds like commands full form and a protocol. and also my profile was fully for a developer role. which the director pointed out and appreciated the performance I had.
  • Although I was not selected I was very much satisfied with the experience I had. I was introduced to how it is to be interviewed by such domain experts.
  • it gives me a lot of confidence. and I had a lot of learning there discussing with these people.
  • Anyone who is going to interview for this role. I would suggest going through Networking, Linux environment, Cloud topics
  • And, in any case, feel free To contact me as there are many things regarding the interview I might help you to know which can be deciding factor in getting selected. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction in helping others.

All the Best.Thank you for your time reading this

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