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NortonLifeLock (Symantec) Interview Experience for Internship

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A full-fledged 4-week process for the internship.

Place: SASTRA University, Thanjavur.

Round 1: A coding round that had 6 questions with the difficulty level of easy(3), medium(2), and hard(1). I solved 4 questions with 100% result and hard with 70% result and a question of medium with 30%. The time allotted was 2 hours Platform was Codility(i am not sure)

75 students were selected from 500 students  

Round 2 (Technical Interview 1 for 2 hours): 10 out of 75 students were shortlisted. Fundamentals of CS(basic level questions only)

Topics covered:

  1. Networks
  2. OS
  3. DBMS
  4. DS
  5. C++(depends on your preferred language)
  6. 2 programming questions.

Round 3 (Technical Interview 2 for 2 hours): 6 out of 10 students were shortlisted. Fundamentals of CS(Intermediate level questions)

Topics covered:

  1. Networks
  2. OS
  3. DBMS
  4. DS
  5. C++(depends on your preferred language)
  6. Project discussion
  7. Logic puzzles 2Q  
    • Logical Q 1: Consider having a 5L can and a 3L can with water coming from tap(infinite amount).

      Provide me a way to collect 4L of water

      S1: Fill 5L can first
      S2: Fill 3L with the help of 5L can
             water in 3L can=3L
             water in 5L can=2L
      S3: empty the 3L can
             water in 3L can=0L
             water in 5L can=2L
      S4: empty 5L can by filling 3L can
             water in 3L can=2L
             water in 5L can=0L
      S5: Fill 3L with the help of 5L can
             water in 3L can=3L(2L in S4+1L from 5L can)
             water in 5L can=4L
    • Logical Q 2: You are given 8 equal-weighted balls and a less weighted ball and a weighing machine

      The task to do: find the less weighted ball (machine can be used twice only)

      Divide 9 balls into 3 balls per group. So that you get 3 groups to measure any 2 groups, you will find out the group that has the less weighted ball   from that group take two balls and measure  

      Result: less weighted ball


      8 balls - 5kg, 1 ball-2kg
      group1 - 15kg
      group2 - 12kg
      group3 - 15kg
      Weigh group1 and group2, group 2 is less weight measure
      two balls and will be able to pick the odd one out.

Round 4 (Managerial round): 6 out of 6 were offered. Basic Q on your fundamentals of CS

  • Ready to relocate
  • Ambition
  • After 5yrs

All the people who interviewed me were really supportive.

Well folks I wasn’t able to give 100% correct answers to all the questions, yet I got the offer. So your confidence and overall knowledge matter. Try to equip yourself in all the CS fundamental topics briefly.  Stay confident and prepare well. All the best.

Commonly asked questions regarding CS fundamentals:

  • C++ – Dangling pointer, Name mangling, Virtual fns, can we create a virtual destructor and virtual constructor(why no to constructor)
  • OS – Semaphore, virtual m/m
  • CN- HTTP vs HTTPS, DNS, IPv4 vs Ipv6, why ipv4 to ipv6 
  • Cryptography – what do you know about private and public keys
  •  Name any algorithm
  • DBMS- Trigger, View, SQL query to find 3 top-earning employee(Select * from emp where rownum<=3 order by sal desc) 

Last Updated : 18 Nov, 2020
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