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Symantec Interview | Set 1

Last Updated : 28 Apr, 2017
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Interview Type: Campus Placement
Procedure: 1 written test followed by 2-3 interview round.

Written test: It was online, consist 20 questions of C/C++, Data structure , Algorithms , Operating system, Unix network programming, Networking and aptitude.

1st Interview
This interview was tricky; he asked my following questions.
1. Tell me about yourself.

2. Tell me about your project.

3. Design classes for File and folder structure and write procedures.

4. Do you know java?

5. What is interface? How will you design it, advantages and disadvantages and all

6. Real life example of Circular Linked List, Linked List, Circular Queue and Binary Tree.

Some aptitude questions like
(i) how much water have you drink from birth.

(ii) How far Haridwar from Roorkee, how much time it will take if I go by bus and by walk.

(iii) Why Chapatti are round, why moon is spherical, why shape of bread is rectangular etc.

They were testing my bluffing knowledge and sharpness of my mind and how you bluff accurately.

This article is compiled by Nitin Gupta.

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