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Nokia Interview Experience for Internship

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Round 1 (Duration 1.5 hour): The written test of the two-phase first one is MCQs which contain aptitude, English, and reasoning.  And the second one consisting of 2 code. We can use the language to do coding, and they used AMCAT platform for this round.

Round 2 (Interview Online Video Call):

  1. Tell me about your projects
  2. The OOPS concepts with real-world examples and what is the actual use of that. Then they told to share my screen and open any editor
  3. Print “Hello World” and explain the whole code token and how actually it’s working inside
  4. Can we print anything without using println function?
  5. Take your name and reverse it
  6. Use methods to implement that and explain inside working
  7. Again he told me to print reverse string in which alternate letters should be capital
  8. Then he tells me to use the inheritance concept and different classes one class should print alternate character capital and one should reverse it
  9. They gave me some scenario (basically output questions) I have to tell him what is the exact output is going to be if my output is wrong I have to run that thing and show it to him that I am wrong.
  10. Then he told me to throw an exception if the string size is less than 10 or 20.
  11. With the help of a catch block, I have to catch the exception and the system should do nothing.
  12. Create your own exception and all exception should catch by that class
  13. Then I have to create a block that should work whether the class throws an exception or not.
  14. He asked me about my java experience
  15. How good I am in java, data structure, and algorithm
  16. Then he asks me about the hash table and hash map. Generate a hash map for me that can count the unique world from the java file in which you are doing coding
  17. Then some questions from computer networks Like IP addresses
  18. Public vs private IP address with working and real-life examples, and they asked more on that but I don’t remember
  19. How good you are in DBMS
  20. He gave me tables I have to apply my query to find out the oldest student, some nested query questions, and apply join operation.
  21. Algorithm for mapping
  22. The main thing which they want to know whether am approaching right or not and if I am adding anything new in code then I have explained the whole inside working of that.

And when the result announced I was selected.  

Thanks, GeeksforGeeks for giving students such a great platform where we can learn and do practice also. Your platform helped me a lot with my interview. 

Last Updated : 16 Nov, 2020
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