Newgen Interview Experience for Software Design Engineer (Off-Campus)

Software Design Engineer role is for product development team at Newgen. It’s an product based company.

This interview happened during lockdown  – August 2020 , so the whole process was virtual and was taken in Hirepro platform. There were two written rounds and two interviews : one technical and one HR respectively.

1st Written Round : Aptitude round  

This was simple round, adequate time was available and question were also from easy to medium side. There was no negative marking. Question were from basic mathematical aptitude, reasoning, English and few technical question covering OOPS concept, SQL queries and output based questions. Sufficient time was available, I completed the test when there was still 10-20 minutes remaining. Total time given was 90 minutes.

2nd Written Round : Psychometric Round

Psychometric round mainly consists of behavioral questions. The trick to clearing this is to be consistent with your answer throughout the test, don’t fluctuate between questions. And to do that answer quickly, don’t think much about the time. Time for this round was 40 minutes, I completed it in 10 minutes. Hurray !

1st Interview : Technical Interview

As said it was all virtual. Duration was around 20-25 minutes. Advice : Dress smartly, have adequate lightning and not much noise disturbance. There was editor attached to interview window, no restriction to language which you want to use ( C , C++, java and python were available, among many others ).  

Questions asked were:

1. Tell me about yourself, Then your favorite CS subject. I answered Data Structure, so he asked me what is difference in stack and queue. With some of the other students, they was asked to explain there projects. Questions were simple, but I think in virtual interview the bottleneck is how well are you able to communicate your ideas.

2. Linked list implementation of stack.

3. What is polymorphism ? Implement compile time and run time polymorphism.

2nd Interview : HR Interview

It took for around 15 minutes. General questions where tell me about yourself , what is Newgen and then he himself explained about Newgen . And asked whether you have laptop with you , and that you would require Broadband connectivity if you join Newgen while working from home. They do provide laptop but needs to be collected from their office, as of now.

The overall process was smooth, and was completed within two week.  

All the best!

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